KuCoin Review – Features to Enjoy When you Join KuCoin

The Best KuCoin Review in 2022 - FaqonTech
The Best KuCoin Review in 2022 - FaqonTech

Hey Guys! Here’s a new article and today I’m going to be writing “Kucoin Review in 2022”. I have structured this article to make it very understandable for beginners and a user of the KuCoin platform myself, I can attest to it being a Cryptocurrency exchange platform that you won’t regret using.

Now, for something to be regarded as the best, it must definitely have some defining features and KuCoin isn’t lacking that. KuCoin boasts over 10 Million users on its platform with attests to its reliability and credibility, It is ranked as one of the top 10 exchanges according to the popular website, in terms of adjusted trading volumes as it has a trading volume of almost 5 Billion monthly and lots more.

Now, before I go further to showing you why you should choose KuCoin over other Cryptocurrency exchange websites, I’m going to be showing you how to create an account with them in simple, short steps.

KuCoin Review – How To Create a KuCoin Account

  1. Open the KuCoin Website using this link –
  2. You can either choose to Sign up using “Phone” or “Email”
  3. Fill in the short Sign up form given to you
  4. After this, you will now be able to log into your account
  5. Verify your account and you can now start trading with KuCoin. Without verification, you will only be allowed to withdraw 5BTC from your account daily. So, make sure you successfully verify your account to increase this limit. I’ll be writing another article on how to successfuly verify your KuCoin account. Just make sure you stay updated with the website.
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Now, let’s head on to the main reason why I decided to write this article. I’m going to be highlighting the top reasons why you should dump other Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and choose Kucoin today!

1. KuCoin Review – Lots of Coins

KuCoin offers a considerably larger range of cryptocurrencies than most brokerages or exchanges. KuCoin is your go-to exchange website if you would like to diversify into less famous coins. It also features a Spotlight area where new currencies are promoted so that consumers can get them early. Just keep in mind that newer or unpopular coins have a higher risk compared to more established ones.

2. Excellent Customer Service

KuCoin boasts of a customer service that’s second to none. You can contact their customer service via their website at any time of the day and you’ll be attended to as quickly as possible.

3. Extremely Minimal Fees

KuCoin’s trading costs are one of the most affordable on the Crypto market. There are no monthly account fees, and withdrawal costs are comparable to those charged by other exchanges. Depositing cryptocurrency is free while depositing fiat (conventional) money such as US dollars is not. The cost is determined by how you transmit money and which third-party application you use.

4. Lots of Users

KuCoin boasts that one out of every four cryptocurrency holders in the globe uses their service. The main benefit of such a large client base is that it increases market liquidity; you’re more likely to be willing to make the deals you want since there are more individuals trading. 

5. Excellent Design

KuCoin also has a really eye-catching design that’s also very beginner-friendly compared to some websites that have a rough design with lots of buttons and complications that’ll make someone new to Cryptocurrency feel like they’re about to go back to college to study Advanced Mathemetics. Lol.

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6. Earn Interest on your Cryptocurrency

KuCoin holders may make interest in their cryptocurrency by staking it or lending it to individuals while charging interest. Earning bonuses on your cryptocurrency might assist you in building a bigger portfolio.

7. Industry-Standard Security

In terms of security, measures such as multi-factor encryption and authentication, KuCoin provides users with a different password used for trading. This password serves as an addition to the user’s standard login credentials and is necessary to conduct trades or during the withdrawal of assets. It adds an additional layer of security and is a rare safety mechanism among cryptocurrency exchanges.

Well, that’s all for this article on “The Best KuCoin Review in 2022“. That was really informative, wasn’t it? And better yet you’ve gained new knowledge and more confidence on why you should join KuCoin today. Hope you enjoyed your read on our article (The Best KuCoin Review in 2022)?

Well, we certainly hope you did. If you didn’t you can drop your comments on how we can improve our services on our website using the comment section below. If you have any questions regarding the article you can also drop them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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