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The Nigerian fintech space is constantly evolving. And fortunately, the process of collecting loans is not left out.

When it comes to collecting loans, it has been made easy and less stressful with Evolve credit. So months ago i did an interview with PrintHag CEO a Design Agency, Read it here.

If you have ever attempted to, or actually collected a business loan from a bank in Nigeria, then you know how tedious it can be. From filling numerous forms to waiting for loan approval, it sometimes gets discouraging and this is the problem Evolve credit is determined to fix.

We all can agree that loans help a lot and it’s a useful tool for both businesses and individuals to meet their financial requirements.

However, we have studied and discovered that most loan providers both banks and loan apps in Nigeria ask for collaterals to serve as security.

Evolve Credit is suitable for personal loans, loans for small and medium enterprises, loans for employees, the unemployed and much more.

Evolve Credit is a credit market that shows which loan is the fastest to repay, the easiest to repay and offers the lowest prices, all in one place with unbiased information from experts you can trust. It brings together creditors and debtors in one place and allows for easy comparison. 

Today, we have the use of Digital lenders such as Branch, Carbon and Fairmoney who specialize in providing current consumer loans ranging from ₦10,000, to ₦500,000,000.

All of these digital loans systems have a common characteristic: a focus on quick loan repayment, flexible requirements, and a commitment to using digital technology at every turn.

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However, despite all this activity, one element of financial inclusion has largely been ignored: financial literacy. 

When Akan Nelson and Daniel Osineye, the founders of Evolve Credit, first got together, they intended to key into the large gap in Nigeria’s large consumer lending market by building an application that allowed consumers to access personal loans from merchants at point-of-sale.

With Evolve Credit, lenders are able to accept and review loan products of lending options based on price, terms, and other factors. They can also talk to borrowers and manage the loan application, portfolio management, credit scoring, disbursement and collections process through Evolve Credit’s cloud-based lending software.

Evolve Credit offers – SME loans, Personal loans and Government loans

Evolve Credit went live in May 2020. Since then, more than 15,000 users have registered on its platform with over 5,000 loan applications made.

The platform has also seen over 20,000 monthly visitors, a number Nelson hopes will reach a million by the end of 2021.

How to Apply for Loans on Evolve Credits

Applying for loans on Evolve credit is simple. On the platform, borrowers can go all the way from reviewing loans to applying directly for funds.

  • First create an account before you can apply for loans
  • Fill the information required properly
  • View available loans
  • Receive your loan to your bank.

What are you waiting for? Start applying for loans using Evolve Credit.

Directly Create an account here

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