Best Way to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Is your iPhone stuck on Apple logo? Don’t worry, in this article I will show you how to fix iPhone stuck on apple logo easily.

You don’t need a mobile technician to get the issue fixed, you can do it right in your house.

We have software like iToolab Fixago but they require you to buy the software I will show you how to get it done without having to use any paid tool.

Here are some reasons why your iPhone might be stuck on Apple Logo;

  • You might have restored or transferred a corrupt file.
  • The phone’s Operating software is corrupt.
  • Can also occur when you jailbreak an iPhone.
  • Your iPhone falls down and might have messed up some internal components.
  • Your iPhone is water damaged.

Now, let’s talk about the best way to help get your iPhone fixed.

Best Way to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Here is the best way to fix iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. try out all methods mentioned below.

Reinstall IOS

By reinstalling IOS, you can fix the corrupt operating software. Get your iPhone and computer connected.

Open Finder first if you are using macOS Catalina or a later version. Open iTunes if you’re using a Windows computer or a Mac running macOS Mojave or an earlier version.

Find your iPhone in iTunes or Finder. Once it’s connected, connect it once more by following the directions above, and then keep holding the various buttons until your iPhone enters recovery mode and displays a computer icon.

Select Update from the list of update or restoration choices. Without wiping your data, your computer will download and reinstall iOS.

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Hard-Restart Phone

Different iPhone models with different means of hard-restarting it or forces restarting. This should help fix an iPhone stuck on Apple Logo easily but if it doesn’t work, you should try the Reinstallation of IOS.

How to hard-restart iPhone 8, iPhone 12, or Later?

Toggle between pressing and releasing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Once the Apple logo appears, press and hold the Side button of the phone. If you don’t follow this procedure correctly, your phone may text your SOS contacts.

How to hard-restart iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?

While holding down the Volume Down button, simultaneously press the Side button. Before letting go, wait a short while until the phone reboots and the Apple logo reappears.

Leverage on Paid Software Program

Like, I mentioned earlier you can do it using a paid software program like iToolab fixago and we also have a lot more.

Programs like Dr. Fone, TunesKit, Tenorshare Reiboot, and FonePaw are further iOS system recovery options.

These tools are helpful for repairing a variety of iPhone issues, including the notorious event where iPhone 11 devices became stuck on the Apple logo.

Restore Device Firmware

This can help you fix any device firmware update on your iPhone by restoring new code but please note that it doesn’t work for iPhones that are physically damaged.

Use an Apple-approved USB cable to connect your iPhone to a computer before using this fix if your iPhone is frozen on the Apple logo.

For iPhones that are physically damaged please visit the nearest Apple store.

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It’s important to always find out the issue first before proceeding to apply any solution, if any of the solutions above fails please visit the nearest Apple store or a mobile technician to help you get it fixed.

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