9Mobile eSIM: How to Get 9Mobile eSIM in Nigeria

9mobile esim in nigeria

9Mobile eSIM, are you confused about how to get 9Mobile eSIM in Nigeria? Well, I got the perfect way to get 9Mobile eSIM in Nigeria fast.

Are you looking forward to buying Apple iPhone 14 series?

Well, it’s an eSIM-only device, which means you need to keep reading this article.

The eSIM was introduced in 2016, and 9Mobile unveiled its eSIM in 2020 months later after MTN, and it has been making waves ever since. The eSIM is also known as integrated SIM.

With eSIM, there is no need to insert or swap out a traditional SIM card, making device setup easier.

Using this functionality on a single device, customers may effortlessly switch between and save multiple eSIM profiles.

We have a variety of smartphones that allow the use of eSIM, and most smartphones released after 2020 are eligible for eSIM support.

Because the virtual SIM (eSIM) is built into the smartphone, the owner cannot lose or damage it. However, if the mobile device is lost or destroyed, the user must visit any 9Mobile Experience Centre to get it deactivated.

If you use a physical SIM, you can also request an eSIM, and this approach will also work.


Benefits of 9Mobile eSIM

  • Thanks to e-SIMs, you can connect many phone numbers to your smart device.
  • They are quite useful for those who want to manage their personal and commercial lines.
  • Because your SIM card is integrated into your device, the possibility of losing or destroying it is reduced.
  • You no longer have to deal with SIM card cutting or adaptor hunting.
  • It makes switching between network operators considerably easier for people who travel frequently.
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How to Get 9Mobile eSIM in Nigeria

  • Check that your smartphone can scan QR codes.
  • After validating you can scan QR Code.
  • Possess a valid form of identification (driver’s license, voter card, national ID card, NIN document, or international passport).
  • Go to any 9Mobile Experience Centre near you or search for them here.
  • Meet with an agent and request a 9Mobile eSIM; you will be requested to provide your valid identification card for verification.
  • You will be given a QR Code to scan on your smartphone.
  • That’s it.

You can now begin using your eSIM. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so they don’t miss out on future updates like this.

If you have any problems getting your 9Mobile eSIM in Nigeria, please leave a remark below.

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