Introducing Fraqvest: A Startup allowing you to Invest in Real Estate


Fraqvest is a startup that allows you to invest in real estate easily, Tech is changing everything around us every day. With just ₦10,000 you can become a landlord, sweet right?

Fraqvest wants to make it easy for regular folks, even if they don’t have a lot of money, to become property owners.

It lets you own a piece of fancy properties all over the world, even if you can only afford a small part.

The best part?

They take care of all the complicated stuff, like dealing with the property and collecting rent. So, you can be a property owner without all the stress. It’s pretty exciting for people who want to invest their money wisely.

The person who started Fraqvest, Dozie Onwughalu, wants to make it possible for anyone, no matter where they come from, to own property and invest their money. They’re trying to make real estate investing affordable and easy for lots of people.

And here’s the big deal for Nigerians: Fraqvest gives you a way to own property without needing a ton of money upfront. They’re making it affordable and opening up the world of real estate to more Nigerians. This means more people can build wealth and have financial stability.

Join Fraqvest Waitlist

Currently, the platform is allowing people to join their waitlists before they launch fully. If you wish to join click here.

Signing up will allow you to get early access when the platform launches fully. With the Fraqvest platform, you can monitor your portfolio and receive asset reports on your phone.

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