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Gmail for Android Might be Getting Google Meet Tab

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
gmail on android

We have heard so much about Google Meet and what it can do and how its competing with zoom just to be the best video conference platform. So now Google is planning to add Google Meet tab to Gmail but does this feature sounds cool on android?

Google has started planning how they will integrate the Google Meet on both android OS and IOS respectively and the development is still going on, we hope to see how it will work and help improve businesses more.

Do you love Google Meet or you prefer Zoom?

Have you tried both of them to see which is better?

Well, I have tried both and I can say Google meet is still coming up to reach the level zoom has acquired but with meet you can do lot more.

Sources says the Google Meet tab will look much like the web version Gmail  which allows users to join and start a meeting right from their Gmail account without having to leave Gmail, am already enjoying this feature too.

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Google also added that users will be able to see upcoming meetings on Google calendars and the option to schedule too will be added.

During this pandemic, Google Meet has played a vital role and it’s still playing a role by helping business interact with themselves without having to face issues.

This has come in handy by hosting events as in Nigeria, different meetup groups have really made use of this feature and its really amazing when you get to host events on it.

Google haven’t specified when the Google Meet tab will roll out yet but we hope to see how its going to help us enjoy more meetings directly from Gmail.

I just hope this new feature is what everyone has been waiting for, it’s said that Gmail will serve just like opening Google meet links just as it would on the app but if this feature should come in place hope this wont be the end of Google Meet android app?

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This feature soon like users downloading the Meet app will significantly reduce and if what am thinking is what will happen to Google then I will definitely be uninstalling the app too.

Because, with the Google Meet integrated into Gmail app its means Google is partially trying to end the app making Gmail app an amazing source to join a meeting.

Once the user has tapped the meet link to join a call, the Gmail app request for permission to access the phone’s microphone and camera.

Earlier mentioned, Google has already made the integration of the meet tab available on Gmail web version and Google has been updating it’s video call app with various features that would keep you glued to it while leaving you out of zoom as we all know zoom is paid for and only allows certain amount of users but with meet you can do lot more.

If you have something to add to this piece, please comment below let’s hear your opinion about Google adding Google meet tab to Gmail app.

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