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How to Enable Google App Full Dark Mode (Apk Download)


So its no news that dark mode interface is really lovely compared to light mode, a few months ago Google app started showing early signs of a dark mode implementation.

Now, the proper dark mode is showing up for some users, with the entire interface dipped into darkness, from the entire Google app to Assistant and all of its settings.

However, even if you get the version, you may not have the dark mode switch, so it’s a lottery and all you can do is hope you’re on the winning side.

The change is rolling out server-side, but it seems to be reliant on having the latest Google app beta, v10.4.3 (APK Mirror) installed.

The first thing you’ll see is notice when opening the Google app that tells you the dark theme is enabled and you can turn it off in settings. You’ll find that (again, only if you have it) under More -> Settings -> General -> Dark theme. Available options include choosing it to always be enabled or disabled or having it follow the system setting.

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How to Enable Google App Full Dark Mode (Apk Download) 1

With it enabled, you’ll notice that the entire Google app switches to dark grey, including the bottom tab, all your searches, the in-app Discover feed (Discover already supported dark mode in the launcher, when you swiped right on the home screen, but that didn’t carry through into the Google app until now), your collections, recent searches, and all settings.

Also darkened is everything related to Assistant, from the pop-up to the daily dashboard, the Explore section for discovering new things you can do, and all Assistant settings.

You can feast your eyes on all the screenshots below to see that almost no stone has been left unturned in the interface and it seems quite ready for a wide rollout.

In other to try this out, you need to make sure you’re on the Google app beta 10.4.3 (Download Here) and then cross your fingers and hope to be part of the lucky few who are approved for the server-side change.


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