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Google can now scan malicious files for advanced protection users

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Google’s advanced protection program seeks to protect high-level people who are at a particular risk of being targeted by network attacks with additional security features in Chrome and is adding a new feature today. Registrants will be able to submit files they suspect are Advanced Protection malicious for analysis using Google’s Safe Browsing malware detection technology.

Previously, advanced security features went so far as to report or block downloads that were considered to be of concern. Now Google says that if the downloaded file looks suspicious, the new option will be available to registered users to submit for further analysis.

Once approved by the user, Chrome will load it, and a full Safe Browsing search “will quickly check using metadata, such as hash files, to determine if this looks potentially suspicious.”, after which the file will be deleted. its servers say Google. Regardless of the file security judgment, users can continue to download and open the file as they wish.

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This feature builds on other security measures in place to protect Google Accounts from public offices such as activists, journalists, politicians, etc. The program requires two physical security keys for its use, one of which serves as a backup. And if an Advanced Protection user loses access to their account, Google has additional steps to verify their identity so that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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