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Google Photos Now Allows You To Search for Text in Images, Copy and Paste It


Holla guys… Did you know?? Google Photos Now Allows You To Search for Text in Images, Copy and Paste It… I doubt you did right? Well, it’s true and you’ve got to agree with me that this feature is actually really cool and interesting.

Get the Google Photos application here; for Android users or here; for iPhone/iPad and other Apple devices if you don’t have it already

Google Photos  is the default gallery app on a whole lot of Android devices, including all Pixel and Android One smartphones. It allows you to easily backup unlimited photos and videos for free, up to 16MP and 1080p HD according to them and you can easily access your photos from any phone, tablet, or computer via photos.google.com which means your photos will be safe, secure, and always with you.

Did you know:- Google launched Google Photos to compete with Facebook.

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Google Photos just pushed their limits with this stunning new feature that allows it’s users to easily search for specific text in images; typing text into the search bar on Google Photos will now display any images with that specific text. The new feature is now slowly rolling out across the platform.

The new text search function, which is part of Google Lens’ image analyzing capabilities, can be taken further and be copied and pasted using the Lens’ existing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality.

News of the newly rolled out feature came through a tweet by Google.

The new feature distinctively improves the search functionality of Google Photos, which can already be used to search for specific images by location, people, and date, and others. Text search would typically be useful to find picture of documents, but can also be used for things such as business cards, Written scanned documents and some others.

Text search on Google Photos works best with neatly photographed text in clear fonts to avoid any glitches, but it can be used for virtually any kind of text in images.

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