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How Much Does it Cost to Own a Blog in Nigeria?

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
blog in Nigeria

One question people ask before starting a blog is how much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria?

Yes, i guess you also searched that too…

Now you ready to manage a blog right? and you still confused about how much it cost to start a blog in Nigeria.

First of all, Faqontech is a blog that helps people interested in blogging or having issues with their blogs or ways to grow traffic.

Today, i will explain how much it cost to start your own blog in Nigeria and start blogging like me.

You probably have seen other blogs like Naijaloaded, Lindaikejisblog, Faqontech, Tooxclusive, Techcrunch, and a lot more.

Yeah, they all known as blogs…

Today, the cost of starting a blog is not as expensive as buying a new Porsche or every expensive vehicle.

Most are actually scared because they believe the price might be expensive as buying the new iPhone 11 Pro 🙂

You don’t need to spend much to start a blog why? because your blog is not yet popular.

It’s just like starting a recharge card business in Nigeria and starting with a small amount of money.

Anyone can start a blog don’t let anyone deceive you, doing it right and knowing what to do is all that matters.

Running a blog is a great thing and a way to share your experience and knowledge via writing.

You can decide to turn it to your source of income and make money online like other bloggers including me.

If you already own a blog then you probably know how much it cost, if you still want to find out you can continue reading.

Let’s see how you can own a blog in Nigeria.

How Much Does it Cost To Own a Blog in Nigeria

I don’t need to explain to you why you need to blog, you probably have a reason to start a blog in Nigeria.

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I will be explaining two ways to own a blog and how much it costs to get started.

Keep reading and find out more.

Things needed to Get Started

  • Domain name: This is the name of the URL you want your readers to access your blog just like
  • Open Source software to host blog: You need an open-source software to host your blogs like WordPress or Blogspot.
  • A Device to Write: You need a device to use in writing content on your blog, it could be a smartphone, tablet or laptop. I prefer using a laptop more, which will explain better.
  • Lastly, you need money

What i mean by open-source software is a free service you can use to host your blog than creating a script from scratch just to blog.

WordPress has its paid and free version while Blogspot is a free open source software.

Why I prefer using a laptop to blog?

Because using a laptop makes it faster to write your article and responsive when using any of the open-source software.

How much does it cost to create your blog in Nigeria yourself?

If you wish to create your blog yourself it won’t cost you much.

Remember i said you can host your blog on a free or paid open-source platform.

Price to Start a blog with Blogspot?

Now, the choice is yours…

You can start a blog using Blogspot free i mean N0 paying nothing.

But if you got plans to make it your business then you need to get a domain name as i said earlier.

What is a domain name? A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.

Yeah, all you need to own a blog in Nigeria on Blogspot is just to buy a domain name and you connect it to your Blogspot account.

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Blogspot is a platform owned by Google.

Price to Start a blog with WordPress?

This is the best option today.

Blogging with WordPress has lots of benefits…

Like i said WordPress has its paid and free version

The paid version is the best to use in developing a blog for the future.

You need a domain name and a web hosting connected to the domain name.

The best place i suggest to get a domain name and a web hosting are Whogohost.

They are trusted and have been served a lot of users for years now and am also one of the users so put your mind at rest.

What is the price of Domain name?

.COM is sold for a ₦3,900.00

.NET is sold for ₦5,000.00 ‎is sold for ₦1,200.00

You can check out more extension and its price here.

The most popular extension used is .com, .net and in Nigeria

As you can see i am currently using here…

How long does it take to get my domain working?

It usually takes 24-48 hours for a domain to fully propagate. Propagation refers to the period of time taken for the changes made to the DNS take effect and being captured by ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

This however all depends on your ISP,  as it may update within minutes.

Price of Web Hosting Plan on Whogohost

Whogohost has different web hosting plans like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and a lot more but for the blog, i suggest using a shared hosting plan.

Shared Hosting Plan

ASPIRE – ‎₦5,000.00

PREMIUM – ‎₦7,000.00

PRO – ‎₦9,500.00

and lot more..

whogohost shard hosting

This hosting plan is based on the amount of traffic you are expecting as a newbie i suggest using the first hosting plan which aspires.

Which gives you:

  • 2GB Webspace 
  • 10GB Bandwidth 
  • 4 Subdomains 
  • 1 Addon Domain 
  • Free dotNG Domain 
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • Unlimited Emails 
  • Unlimited Databases

Whogohost gives you a free domain ending with which makes them the best.

They accept different payment methods you have to choose the one you want to be billed.

Now i believe you can see the cost to own a blog in Nigeria is cheap and affordable.

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Small Calculation:

For Blogspot

If you are using the Blogspot platform then you need only N4000 below to start and that will be your recurring payment monthly if you are using .com domain name.


Because you will be paying for the domain name only since Blogspot its a free platform but trust me you got a lot to set up there which might cost more money like designing the blog and setting seo for traffic.

For WordPress

The domain name of your choice + Web hosting plan = Total price you are paying

The minimum you can pay is N8000 so you can see starting a blog is cheap.

That’s all if you wish to develop the blog yourself as you can see it cost less.

How to Contact some to help you develop it?

Any developer can help you develop and manage your blog for the blog but the cost is much higher like above N15,000 -N30,000


They will help you get the domain name and web hosting and also help you design or use an already made theme and also help you set up SEO basic.

If you need someone to help you, you can contact us.

Finally, i have answered the question: How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria.

Now you can start making money from your blog just like me, you check out my money making guides.

If you still have any issue with getting a cheap host comment below, share this article with your friends.

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