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How to Become a Jumia Affiliate and Make Money

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

There is about 1000+ affiliate program on the internet just depend on which you love best, today I will be taking you on a short walk on how to be an affiliate marketer on jumia and start making money from it in just 2secs.

Jumia is an e-commerce store where you can buy different products like Games & consoles, fashion items, laptops and latest phones depending on your choice, now jumia is making it more easy for you to earn from them in just 1 click without dropping or investing your cash just get the right person to buy from you get your reward.

The Jumia Partner Program is a pay per sale program that pays affiliates for referring sales or customers to Jumia. If a customer referred to Jumia purchases a product within 30days after clicking on an affiliate’s link, the affiliate will get a percentage of the sale price as commission.

Without wasting much time let me go straight to the point, on how to join jumia affiliate program.

How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program

  • First, you need to register with jumia affiliate click on the “become an affiliate” button..
  • Fill out the sign-up form ( include all of your basic information about you.)
  • After successfully signing up, you have to wait for about close to a day to get confirmation from Jumia with your account information.

After that, you can log in to your Jumia affiliate program account to generate the Jumia banners and text links you can use on your blog or website. ( you can have a website or you can use your social media accounts to promote).

How To Make Money Online from Jumia

Promoting your jumia affiliate link is an important role in getting sales online because not everyone wants to buy through you like Nigerians they don’t buy through a friend they either remove your link to buy that’s really stupid right?….

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The best way to get people to believe and buy from your quick is to market to the right people.

You have to help Jumia in selling their products. You get paid if someone you refer to Jumia via your affiliate banner/link buys something at Jumia. If you refer one million customers to Jumia and none makes a purchase, Jumia won’t pay you anything. So, you have to sell, sell and sell.

You can write about their products in your blog posts and embed your affiliate links in the posts. If you have an existing blog post that is related to a product at Jumia, you can also add your link to such post.

You can refer customers by placing banner ads on your blog.

The important part of all this is to make sales, driving traffic to your blog.

Jumia only allows you request and receive payment after the threshold has been reached.

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I hope you enjoyed the article?

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