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How to become Glo Mobile Money agent in Nigeria

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Glo affiliate program is known as Glo mobile money agent, becoming a Glo agent you can perform the following function like SIM Card registration, bill payments, cash-in and out, mobile money services, airtime vending and helping Glo customers solve some issues.

Globacom Limited is one of the largest leading network providers in Nigeria, 30% of Shop owners are searching for how to become a mobile money agent in Nigeria, want to know why Globacom affiliate program will be the best for you?

Because you finally have a chance to hit the nail by joining Glo Affiliate program, Glo is one of the largest network providers in Nigeria.

Today, you will learn how to make N50,000 above from Glo affiliate program and how to get started.

There are other means of making money in Nigeria through affiliate programs example include jumia affiliate, Konga affiliate etc.

Glo affiliate program Means

  • Make money with your Glo SIM card
  • Make money with your phone only
  • Become an affiliate marketer with Glo Affiliate Program
  • Make money working as a Glo Mobile money Agent
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To make money on Glo Affiliate program you need to be a Glo Mobile Money Agent…

Who Works as Glo Mobile Money Agent? 

A Glo mobile Money Agent is a designated and registered shops under the Glo Affiliate Program where customers can go to deposit money, withdraw Money, do Sim Card registration, Buy Airtime and Pay Bills.

There are requirements before you can become a Glo Mobile Money Agent you need your Mobile Phone, Glo Sim Card and Registration for the Globacom Affiliate Program.

Your Take as an Agent

  • Excellent commissions
  • Low cost of set-up
  • Business and Marketing Support

How do you become a Glo mobile Money agent? How to Join Glo affiliate Program?

In order to start selling for Glo you need to register for Glo mobile money agent and to do that you have to fill it’s pre-qualification form online via Glo Online Form ( its a short form to fill ).

The form consists of:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Phone Number (Glo Number)
  • Email
  • Local government
  • State
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Then Click on Submit.

Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone to apply easily by just following the step below:

SMS your first name, last name, city and state to 33003 (for Glo users) or 0815 003 3003 and you will be notified on the steps on how to get started.

Before filling the form you must have a Glo SIM card already…

Glo affiliate program won’t grant you millions of naira by just depending on it only…

Check out how to make money fast from affiliate marketing and also sign up for udemy affiliate if you wish to sell courses for learning and make $1000 monthly.

Don’t forget to share the post with others using Glo and wish to make money also.

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