How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN Quickly in 2022

How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN in 2022
How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN in 2022

Hey Guys! Today, I’m going to be showing you guys “How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN”. The method I’ll be teaching to you is actually the quickest and easiest way you can do this! I found this method by myself and I think it’ll be very helpful to everyone.

Now, why would you need to change the location of your Android device in the first place? Well, if you’re reading this article, you’re either a very big fan of the FaqonTech website and just read our posts for the fun of it or for future knowledge. But, if you’re here because you want to know how to do this, then you have a reason why you want to learn about this already.

Well, a lot of people need this, ranging from students all the way to big international companies. Now, imagine you’re a student and you need to get an application on the Google Playstore and you reside in South Africa but the application is only available for individuals that reside in the United Arab Emirates. Well, you’ll need to find a way to change the location of your device to the United Arab Emirates before you can get such an application from the Google Playstore.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get right on with how you can do this! But, I’ll be putting one little subheader before I head on with the main topic. Let’s go!

Why Is This Better Than Using a VPN?

Now, a lot of you probably asked yourself the question, why not just download a VPN from the Google Playstore to do this! Well, there are several reasons why this method is more reliable than some VPNs. Firstly, when you download some VPNs, they are very harmful to your device because they may contain bugs and may also steal information from your device.

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Another is that most free VPNs don’t even have the power to hide your location from some websites or highly secure applications like the Google Playstore or Snapchat’s location map. You can only effectively do this when you pay for the premium version of some powerful VPNs like Hola or Nord VPN.

This method is also battery-saving. In the sense that VPNs tend to drain your battery life pretty quickly. But, when you’re using this, you do not have the disadvantage of quick battery life drainage.

Okay! Now that we’re done with that, let’s get on with the main topic for today – How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN!

How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN – Steps!

  1. Download the HOLA Fake GPS application. You’ll find out that this application isn’t available on the Google Playstore if you’ve gone to check. So, you can just download it HERE
  2. Then you install the application but do not open it yet
  3. Now, switch off the location of your Android device from your Notification bar or through your phone’s settings
  4. Now, head on to the settings on your phone
  5. Search for “About Phone”. It’s popularly located either on the top of your settings options or at the bottom

If you’re having any issues getting the steps up till this moment, watch this visual video on how to do that!

How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN – Steps Cont.

6. Click on the “About Phone” option

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7. Click on “All Specs”

8. Click on the “Build Number” about eight times to become a developer and activate the developer option

9. Search the settings of your device for the “Developer options”

10. In the developer options, scroll downwards until you see the “Select mock location application” option

11. Click on that and select “HOLA fake GPS” as your mock location app

12. Now, open the “HOLA fake GPS” application that you installed before

13. Use the search bar to search for the location you’ll wish to change your location to.

14. Select the location by clicking on “GO”

15. Scroll downwards on your notification bar and turn on the location of your device.


Now, this brings us to the end of this short article, did you enjoy the article (How To Change The Location of Your Android Phone Without VPN)? Well, we hope you did. If you have any questions you’ll like to ask or if you missed any of the steps below and you need assistance, you can drop them in the comment section below.

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