How To Configure Private DNS to Block Ads on Android

How To Configure Private DNS to Block Ads on Android

Here’s how to configure private DNS to block Ads on Android, I remember a few years back when I had issues with Ads popping up on my Android phone.

It was really frustrating and I can tell you are also frustrated by the Ads. The worst part is that I won’t be able to do anything useful on my phone when such Ads display.

Setting up a special DNS on your Android stops annoying ads for a better web experience.

Private DNS is like a secret address book for the internet on your phone. It helps your phone find websites.

AdGuard DNS is like a super tool that helps block annoying ads on the internet. It’s completely free and works on any device. The cool part is that it can block ads on Android phones without needing to do complicated stuff like ‘rooting’ your phone or changing settings in your web browser.

So, we’re going to show you how to use AdGuard DNS to stop those pesky ads from showing up on your Android phone. It’s a simple trick that makes your phone ad-free

How To Configure Private DNS to Block Ads on Android

Here’s how to configure private DNS to block ads on Android, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose AdGuard DNS.
  2. Open phone settings.
  3. Go to Network & Internet.
  4. Find Private DNS.
  5. Enable Private DNS.
  6. Enter
  7. Save and test.
  8. Disable if issues arise.

After that, head over to Chrome.

  • Paste “chrome://flags” in the URL bar and press Enter.
  • Search for ‘DNS’ and disable “Alpn DNS”.
  • Now paste “chrome://net-internals”.
  • Click on DNS and tap on “Clear host Cache”.
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That’s all and reset your chrome browser to apply the changes.

Best Apps to Block Ads on Android

  1. AdGuard for Android:
    • AdGuard is a highly effective ad-blocker that not only removes ads from browsers and apps but also helps protect your privacy by blocking trackers.
  2. Block This!:
    • Block This! is a free and open-source ad blocker for Android that works well without requiring root access. It blocks ads in both apps and browsers.
  3. AdAway:
    • AdAway is a popular ad-blocker for rooted Android devices. It modifies your device’s host file to block ads system-wide.
  4. AdBlock Plus:
    • AdBlock Plus is a well-known ad-blocker available for Android. It works in most browsers and apps to block ads and improve loading times.
  5. DNS66:
    • DNS66 is another free, open-source ad-blocker that doesn’t require root access. It uses a VPN interface to filter out ads and trackers.
  6. Brave Browser:
    • Brave is a privacy-focused web browser for Android that comes with built-in ad-blocking and tracking protection. It’s a browser and ad-blocker in one.
  7. Firefox Focus:
    • Firefox Focus is a privacy-centric browser that blocks ads and trackers by default, making it a good choice for users who prioritize privacy.

Hope you found it helpful.

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