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How To Hack an Android Smartphone Password(See Easy Steps 2019)

by Abioye Shinaayomi

In this piece of article, we will get to know how to hack an android smartphone password via a lot of steps so, sit tight and follow our instructable.

Ever tried hacking/cracking an Android smartphone password? For professional purposes, For educational purposes, Or, maybe you wake up one day and BOOM you can’t remember your password and you really really need that password Or probably, you’re hanging out with friends and you’re like. Here’s a cool trick… I’ll break into your Smartphone in a couple of minutes…haha… Well, you’re in the right place… Today i’ll be showing you lot’s of ways on how you can hack an Android smartphone password.

You can also easily hack the password of your child’s Android smartphone and get to know what he does on his phone all day when you are at home with him. You can also hack your partners or employers smartphone. Partners can use password hacking applications to know whether their spouse is cheating on them or not.

Disclaimer: Please note that if the information gotten above is used for nefarious or Illegal purposes… This Website will not be responsible for any damages. Use at your own risk.

Now, let’s get on with the list…

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How To Hack an Android Smartphone password

Method 1 (Using iSkysoft Toolbox) :

  • Download the iSkysoft Toolbox application first on your PC
  • Launch the software and tap on “Lock Screen Removal” option

How To Hack an Android Smartphone Password

  • Connect your Android smartphone to your PC using a USB cable
  • A pop-up will then come up, check on the “I agree with the warning & am ready to proceed” box
  • Begin the process of lock screen removal by clicking on the “Start” button as you can see below

How To Hack an Android Smartphone Password

  • Now, you’re going to have to install the same application on your smartphone
  • You have to turn off your phone by pressing the Home, power and volume down buttons simultaneously
  • Click on the volume up button for the download mode as you can see in the image below;

How To Hack an Android Smartphone Password

  • Click on the start button when you have successfully entered the download mode and the downloading will start.
  • All passwords or patterns from the device will be removed once iSkysoft Tool is downloaded on your phone and you can then start using your Android phone.

How To Hack an Android Smartphone Password

Method 2 (Using Google’s Find My Device) :

Another method to hack an Android smartphone password is by using Google’s “Find My Device”. This feature is directly connected with your Google account and you can use this service on any device to hack a smartphone password without having the other individual’s phone. But, you’re going to have to have access to the Google account details of the other individual for this method to work.

Now let’s get on. Shall we?

  • Download the “Google Find My Device” app
  • Sign in to the Google account of the person you wish to hack
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How To Hack an Android Smartphone Password

  • Tap on the “Lock” option

How To Hack an Android Smartphone Password

  • Type a new password override/replace the old password or pattern.
  • Click on “lock” option again to sucessfully change the password.
  • Now, you can start using the device using the new password created by you.

Method 3 (Using Password Disable) :

  1. Insert this zip file on the phone’s memory card with the help of your computer
  2. After downloading, insert back the memory card in any Android device.
  3. Restart the Android phone in recovery mode and after which you should flash the inserted zip file.
  4. Again, you should reboot the Android phone and after this the pattern password should be disabled and you can now use the Android phone.

Note:  If you are still getting an option to insert a pattern or pin to unlock the Android device then there is actually no problem because you can now use any random pattern to access the Android device as the previous pattern is now disabled.

Method 4 (Using ADB to Delete the Password) :

If you want to know that how to hack an Android smartphone password with the help of ADB, then you should read the steps given below.

  1. This option only works if USB debugging is enabled on that phone
  2. If you are allowing your computer to connect with ADB.

The Android phones which have this option inbuilt are not good to use this ADB feature. So, if you fulfill all these requirements then you can follow these steps to use ADB to hack or remove password of any Android device.

how to hack an android smartphone password

  1. Connect the Android smartphone with your PC via USB cable
  2. Open CMD (Command Prompt) window in ADB installation directory
  3. Type in the command as shown in image below;
  4. Click on the “Enter” button on your keyboard
  5. Restart the Android smartphone
  6. After restarting you should then be able to access the phone temporarily.
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This means that you should probably set a new password or pattern before phone you restart again.

Method 5 (Cracking the lock screen Interface) :

Another method on how to hack an android smartphone password is by crashing the lock screen interface. This method of cracking an android device password only works on Android 5.0 and higher.

how to hack an android smartphone

  1. Click on the emergency button once
  2. Input 10 stars (**********) within the dialer menu
  3. Return to the lock screen and then, tap on the camera shortcut icon
  4. Tap on the “settings” option after pulling down the notification bar.
  5. This will then prompt you to enter the smartphone password. Long press and select paste and keep on recurring and this will break the lock screen.

Did you enjoy our article on how to hack an android smartphone password? Well, we hope so. If you weren’t satisfied or none of the methods listed above worked for you then, notify us in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you.

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