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How To Hack WiFi Password Using Your PC Or Smartphone (Easy step-to-step guide 2019)


Yo guys… Today we’ll be seeing how to hack WiFi passwords easily with your PC or even your smartphone…

Note that: I’ll not be responsible for any illegal usage of the knowledge provided in the instructable below!!!

Ever wanted to crack a WiFi password? Just for the fun of it? or, for educational purposes? or, you’ve just got that annoying neighbor who won’t tell you that password..lol… well, this article is for you. In this article i’ll be showing you how to hack any WiFi network using basic WPS.

Before we begin you’ll need some basic tools which you can download using any of the following provided links below,

  1. Dumpper – Dumpper.exe
  2. Jumpstart – Jumpstart.exe
  3. WpsWin – WpsWin.exe
  4. Dumpper Language Pack
  5. A good Windows version… I recommend Windows 7.8,8.1 and 10.
  6. A shut-down Antivirus program – You’re going to put off your Antivirus throughout the process because your Antivirus is very likely to detect one of these software’s as a virus and that could jeopardize the process. So, you should turn off your Antivirus before you begin.
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So, after getting the above mentioned software’s i guess you’re good to go. Let’s get on with the steps on how to hack WiFi password.

Method 1:

Step 1(Prepare the Installed programs):

All the software’s work simultaneously. So, for this to work effectively you’re going to have to create a new folder in your desktop and name it as anything and then put all the software’s (Jumpstart.exe,WPSwin.exe, Dumpper.exe, and Dumpper Language Pack) and files in one folder.

How To Hack WiFi Password

Step 2 (Dumpper):

  • Firstly, you should open up the Dumpper Language Pack. So that you don’t have to learn Spanish (Default Dumpper Language) to use it.
  • When you open the language pack, nothing will appear, just wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Run the Dumpper.exe software. You will see a blue window and a prompt in Spanish. Close the prompt and then,
  • Click the “Language” tab at the top of the program
  • Click on your desired choice of language

How to hack WiFi password

  • Click on the “Down facing arrow” and then click “Scan”
  • Select the WiFi network you wish to breach.

N.B: Make sure that the “WPS version” on the right list says “00” next to it, or else this method may not work for you. And if it’s not showing “00”. Well, don’t fret just use our second method below.

  • If you have already selected the WiFi network you wish to breach then, move to the “WPS” tab on the top left corner of the software after the “Network” tab.
  • Click on the “Scan” button below, then choose the name of your target WiFi.
  • Click on the “JumpStart” button. If the WiFi network has not appeared yet, click on the Scan button again.
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Step 3 (Jumpstart):

  • The JumpStart software should open automatically and then the process of tracing selected WiFi’s password will start immediately.
  • Note that this process usually takes about 1 to 2 minutes to execute.
  • If you have successfully followed all the above steps then, a message will appear.
  • Click “Finish” to close JumpStart.
  • After closing Jumpstart, you will be directly connected to your desired WiFi network.

Step 4 (Finishing Up on how to hack WiFi password):

  • For the WiFi password, you can see it in the Key field on your Dumpper software.

Did this work for you? Probably Yes. If it didn’t well, follow the second method listed below…

Method 2 (How To Hack Wifi Password Using the AndroDumpper App With your Smartphone):

If you want to hack WiFi Password on your Android smartphone. Then consider using the AndroDumpper application. Hacking WiFi using AndroDumpper is actually very easy. After the WPA/WPS Tester Application, AndroDumpper is the second best app for Hacking a WiFi Password.

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This application can hack both WPS and WPA2 WiFi networks very quickly and without wasting a lot of time. This is why I highly recommend you use the AndroDumpper app to breach any WiFi network.

Pros: Rooting of Smartphone is not needed

Cons: May not work on all Smartphones and can’t show password of cracked WiFi unless you are rooted

You can get the Androdumpper application here or; here because it can’t be found in the Google Play Store.

  • Go to your phone Settings and then, Enable your WiFi.
  • Open the downloaded AndroDumpper application.

how to hack WiFi password

  • Scan for available wiFi networks.
  • If you find any WPS enabled network then click to connect to it.
  • Select the “Rooted” or “Non-Rooted” option.

How To Hack WiFi Password Using Your PC Or Smartphone (Easy step-to-step guide 2019) 1

  • Now you should again select the “Try With” method.
  1. Custom PIN
  2. No Custom PIN
  3. Bruteforce [For Rooted Users only]

How To Hack WiFi Password Using Your PC Or Smartphone (Easy step-to-step guide 2019) 2

  • AndroDumpper will automatically start the process and soon you’ll able to see the WiFi password. If you are using the non-rooted method then, you won’t be able to see the network but you will able to have an internet access.

Did our methods on how to hack WiFi password work for you? Probably Yes. If not you can send us your complaints using the comment section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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