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How to Make money online in Nigeria 2019 without spending a dime

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Don’t be so surprised on How to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime most won’t believe you can actually make money online for free, i will take you through the ways you can make money online without paying anything.

The ways to make money online in Nigeria is one of the most searched words because without making money I don’t think you will wish to spend money on something else like spending time in the cinema etc.

You don’t have to be involved in scamming or any non-legit means when these ways are waiting for you.

Here is the deal, i have helped 20 people make money online in Nigeria without paying anything so I don’t think to put you through should be a big deal for me.

You can even make more than 1000 naira above daily without spending a dime just by reading this article you would start making yours.

Everyone has a strategy that works for him in order to make money online in Nigeria, you should find what works for you also as you keep reading this article.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria without Spending a Dime

Don’t forget what i said you don’t have to be a scammer before you make money in Nigeria, this list will provide you necessary ways to make online in Nigeria 2019.

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Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

You can make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria, the question is how? Do you know that you can really make cool cash from affiliate marketing without even paying anything.

You can signup for jumia affiliate and konga affiliate by promoting their products online either social media, blog or any other form which can generate sales.

Most people think they can only make money from jumia or Konga if they have only blogs and that’s not true.

Its a good source of income you can create an account here for jumia sign up or konga signup.

Make Money from Freelance Job

This is the part i love and i will advise skilled users to apply for this, the freelance job is really an awesome way to make money even i do freelance job alot.

You can sell your skill maybe you good in graphics designing, web designing, app development or SEO writing or any digital marketing or photography this skills are popular and are wanted daily…

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Photography you might not believe it but you can make money by taking cool photos and selling them to companies or on photo stores like Shutterstock and co.

Web designing is a cool way we know web designing is of two types the coders and the non-coders. You can write codes for the web or you can make use or drag and drops like elementor the popular drag and drop.

graphic designing is a daily job to everyone wants something creative may branding or id car creation or logo creation and so on.

There is much other skill you can make use of which I didn’t mention just know yourself and what you good at like writing blog articles for a newspaper company.

To make money from freelancing you can join the below-mentioned platform:




Make Money from From Youtube

You can make money from youtube this is one of becoming a good source of earning after a lot of people saw how to mark angel comedy came from grass to grace in Nigeria and they are making money from youtube.

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Why not create your own youtube channel and make something cool maybe comedy, facts or news update.

To create a youtube channel just visit click here.

Male Money from Admob + Your App

The will favor a lot of app developers a lot of those who design apps for different function can also create an app for themselves and make money fro. It by integrating Admob a google product for earning from android apps.

you can create an account approval is very easy. Click here to create an Admob account.

Is there any other way I haven’t mentioned then leave a comment for me I will review it…

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