How To Pay For Spotify Premium In Nigeria

How To Pay For Spotify Premium In Nigeria

In this article, I will show you how to pay for Spotify premium in Nigeria easily. We are aware Spotify is a music streaming and podcast platform and has millions of users registered and actively using its platform.

At some point, we have come across Spotify Ads while listening to music but with the help of Spotify premium, those Ads can’t interrupt our plays.

An individual Spotify Premium subscription costs ₦900 per month, a couple’s subscription costs ₦1,200, a student’s subscription costs ₦450, and a family account costs ₦1,400 per month.

These fees only apply to plans that automatically renew.

Spotify is initially appealing because you can sign up with simply an email address or log in using Facebook and access content for free.

If you live in Kenya and you need a step to pay for your Spotify, Try this here.

We noticed people in other articles tell you to pay using PayPal but the truth is; Using the PayPal method will require having to pay a higher fee for Spotify premium in Nigeria, the best step is to make use of the debit which was mentioned below.

How To Pay For Spotify Premium In Nigeria

  • Download Spotify App on your Mobile or Visit the website.
  • Log In to your Account or create one.
  • Click on the Spotify Premium button.
  • Choose a plan that suits you.
  • Now Pay with your Debit card.
  • Enter card details and confirm transactions.

You have successfully paid for Spotify Premium in Nigeria, I renew my Spotify premium using my Nigerian Debit card but if that doesn’t work then try getting a virtual card from Chipper and then request a Nigerian virtual card and now you can pay for your Spotify premium anytime.

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