Oraimo Boom Review: Better than JBL Speakers? (2023)

Oraimo Boom Review: Better than JBL Speakers? (2022)
Oraimo Boom Review: Better than JBL Speakers? (2022)

Hey, Y’all! In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Oraimo Boom speakers. It’s been a while since I wrote a review article so, forgive me if this is a bit bland! I’ll be highlighting the specifications of the Oraimo Boom speakers, their pricing, unique features, and performances, and in the end, I’ll be giving a personal opinion on whether this is worth getting or not.

Since its launch, Oraimo has been one brand that has kept its customers as its first priority. Releasing product after product that encompasses what its users might need and every upgrade on its individual products is tailored to eliminate any mistakes or complaints found in previous products.

Now, let’s get right into the article and check out the subheaders under the Oraimo Boom Review.

How Much is the Oraimo Boom?

The Oraimo Boom is undoubtedly a very powerful speaker with features and a design so good that you expect it to cost a fortune. But, just like all other Oraimo products out there, the Oraimo Boom Speakers are very reasonably priced, and getting it will not put a hole in your pocket or break your bank.

The Oramo Boom speaker costs between 45,000-51,000 depending on where you’re getting it. If you’re ordering directly from the website or from an official Oraimo store, it should be cheaper than if you’re getting it from a retail store.

Oraimo Boom – What’s in the Box?

Oraimo Boom - What's in the Box?

Just like every other Oraimo product out there, Oraimo used its primary colors – Light Green with a touch of Black on the packaging of the Oraimo Bass Go Boom Speakers. And, as usual, it gives the product that nostalgic feeling that we love.

The box itself is rectangular in shape and it looks a bit bulky, but it’s a speaker and that’s perfectly normal. If you’re looking for more compact speakers from Oraimo, you can check out the Oraimo SoundFlow. I wrote a review on it and you can read that below:

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The Box has a small elastic handle on the top that allows for a good grip while carrying the package around. On opening the box, you’ll first notice that styrofoam has been placed on the edges of the speaker to prevent damage to the speaker due to vibrations or any sudden jolts on the packaging.

After taking off the Styrofoam from the edges of the speaker, there’s another nylon material over the speaker that prevents grime and dust from attaching itself to it. Holding the packaging down, you can easily slide the speakers out of the nylon material covering the Speaker.

Now comes the BIG REVEAL! The Oraimo Bass Go Boom speaker has a pill shape but is not completely rounded and smooth like JBL speakers, it is more rigid. You’ll first notice the leather handles on the top of the speaker that allows for a solid grip and then large buttons also on the top of the Speaker.

At the front, you’ll see a large grille that allows sound to flow out really beautifully and the “Oraimo” logo at the middle of the grille on the front part of the Speaker.

Moving to the back of the speaker, there’s a beautiful design of slanted lines to give the speaker a really exquisite look. There’s also a small flap on the top part of the back of the speaker that opens to reveal a USB port, a DC input, a reset port, an AUX port, and a Microphone input.

Getting back to the box packaging, under the styrofoam at the bottom of the pack, there’s a rectangular mini-box that contains an Instructional manual for the Oraimo Bass Go Boom Speaker, a charging cable for the speaker, and an AUX cable.

Oraimo Bass Go Boom – Features and Specifications

Oraimo Bass Go Boom – Features and Specifications

Powerful Sound

With Oraimo Bass Go Boom, you can quickly connect to high-performance oraimo distinctive sound. The integrated high-efficiency and huge 60mm drivers produce a strong, rich, and sharp oraimo characteristic over a wide area. Get into a routine today.

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Thumping Bass

Turn up the music to maximum volume and enjoy a clean, rich sound all night. With a strong 30W speaker, you can feel the rhythms sinking and your heart pounding. The Oraimo HavyBassTM algorithm boosts sound pressure for thunderous bass and high-quality audio. The retractable handle allows you to carry party bass everywhere and at any time.

Party All Night With Dynamic Light Effects

Set the mood for parties with the 4-mode RGB LED lights that last for up to Six hours. With the Oraimo Boom Speaker, you can transform any place into a rock concert, club, or karaoke lounge.

The Oraimo Bass Go Boom IPX5 Splash Resistant has you covered.

You can also wirelessly connect two (2) speakers to create a larger stereo sound.

Verdict and Conclusion!

Verdict and Conclusion!

The Oraimo Bass Go Boom has a lot of cool features, and design and is also reasonably priced which makes it the preferred choice of a lot of individuals. But, with the highlighted features of the Speaker, it doesn’t really have any special defining features like the Oraimo SoundFlow speaker which I’ve also revealed.

But, if you’re looking for maximum quality while still budgeting, you should definitely get the Oraimo Boom Speaker. I’ll be giving this speaker a solid 8/10.

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