How To Sell Steam Gift Card in Nigeria

How To Sell Steam Gift Card in Nigeria

Here’s a complete guide to help you sell steam gift card in Nigeria without any issues, Steam is known to be the world’s largest video game platform. The steam card is a steam gift card that can be redeemed for credit through the steam platform.

Gift cards are one of the simplest gifts to make, especially in recent years, and are a dependable choice for everyone on your list. But you don’t have to spend that much just because a gift card has a particular value. Online, there are several fantastic ways to purchase both physical and digital gift cards, both new and old.

The only significant difference between a physical gift card and a digital gift card is the amount of money they contain. Physical cards are available for $20, $30, $50, and $100, but digital cards can be purchased for $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Steam Gift Card

The steam gift card comes in a physical and digital cards, the physical card is lovely for birthday and Christmas gifts while the digital card can be purchased online.

A Steam card has an activation code that the user can use to add the value of the card to their account’s virtual Steam Wallet. Redeeming the steam gift card can help you buy games, buy downloadable content and buy in-game content.

The steam digital card is sold on the Steam website and other online stores like JumiaPay or lot more.

How To Sell Steam Gift Card in Nigeria

  • Download the Cardvest app from the app store or google play, then register using your true details.
  • Once you are on the dashboard.
  • Add the details of your bank account.
  • To sell your gift card, click “Trade” in the menu bar.
  • Steam gift card, your choice.
  • Establish the category for the card.
  • Include a clear picture of the gift card and its value in your upload.
  • Click “Place Order” when you’re done.
  • Once the trade is finished, a credit will be added to your CardVest wallet.
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Note: To make a withdrawal to your personal account, click the wallet icon, enter the desired withdrawal amount, and then wait for your account to be credited.

With cardVest, you can trade your different gift cards at the best rates possible, including Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amex Gold gift cards, and of course, Steam gift cards.

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