How to Send Money on Snapchat Quickly

How to Send Money on Snapchat

Most people are surprised they can send money on Snapchat. This article will show you how to send money on Snapchat easily without much stress.

Snapchat provides different options to send cash to friends & family.

With Snapchat payment options, you can send money through Venmo or Square cash and lastly with the in-built feature on Snapchat titled “Snapcash”.

You may now add a debit card, enter a dollar amount into Snapchat’s text-chat feature, and then press the pay button to instantaneously send money to friends and family.

The feature was designed by Square cash due to the deal they had with Snapchat.

Snapcash is a peer-to-peer direct payment mechanism that has been integrated directly into Snapchat. It sends and receives money via a debit card.

If you need help with how to send money on Snapchat then you are reading the right article. Let’s get started.

How to Send Money on Snapchat Easily

  • Log Into your Snapchat account via your mobile phone (Android/ IOS).
  • Slide to the contact section on the app.
  • Select the contact you will love to send money to.
  • In Snapchat text chat, write “$” followed by the dollar amount you want to send.

When Snapchat detects that you are attempting to pay, the send button turns to a green Snapcash button and hitting it deposits money into a friend’s account.

  • Now, click the green Snapcash icon to send money to your contact over Snapchat.
  • Using the feature for the first will allow Snapchat to link your debit card to Snapcash.
  • If they haven’t already, the money will be waiting for them when they sign up.
  • If the friend does not sign up to take the payment within 24 hours, the money will be refunded to you, so you will not be out of money.
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I hope this post, How to Send Money on Snapchat, has answered your question. If you are still having difficulty sending money, please post a comment below.

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