Best Ways to Get Apple Music for Free

Best Ways to Get Apple Music for Free

Are you interested in using Apple Music for free? Well, good news I got the best ways to get Apple Music for free.

Apple Inc. created the music, audio, and video streaming service known as Apple Music.

Everyone loves freebies and you just stumbled on one today.

I’m a big fan of using streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and others. They save me a lot of time from having to go back and forth with downloading the latest songs on all my different devices.

The good news is you can use Apple Music for free!

In this article, I will show you how to get Apple Music for free without wasting much of your time.

How to Get Apple Music for Free

We will show you how to get Apple Music for free in four (4) different ways, try to find the best and try all.

Get Apple Music for Free using Shazam

You might be probably surprised that you can Apple music for free by using shazam, Shazam is a program that uses the device’s microphone and a brief sample to identify songs, videos, commercials, and television shows.

In order for you to enjoy the shazam five (5) month free Apple Music offer, you need to perform their simple task which involves you installing shazam on your mobile device. The offer is available via the shazam website.

Get Apple Music for Free By Purchasing Apple Product

A bit confusing right?

Well, you can get Apple Music for free when you purchase any Apple-owned products via the Apple online store or any store.

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However, not all Apple products will give you access to enjoy Apple Music but below are some products to help you get access easily;

  • AirPods (2nd and 3rd Generation)
  • Pro AirPods
  • Max AirPods
  • Beats
  • Mini HomePod

Using this technique, you can receive a free Apple Music subscription good for up to six months. They are not, however, as inexpensive as you might anticipate.

Get Apple Music Premium free Trial

I’m sure, you might be familiar with free trials already but I will still explain it either way.

Apple Music has more than 80 Million songs from around the world which makes it worth using, With an approved audio device, the first six months of an Apple Music subscription are free.

A recent version of iOS or iPadOS must be installed on your iPhone or iPad. Once your audio device is connected to your iPhone or iPad, you may activate your Apple Music trial.

You’ll start being charged for Apple Music. You have until then to cancel your membership if you are not ready to start paying for Apple Music.

Get Apple Music for Free by Using Verizon

This is the last method to help you get access to Apple Music.

Verizon is a wireless network provider, in order to get access to this offer you need to subscribe to Verizon unlimited plan.

For an unlimited period of time in the Unlimited plans and for a shorter period of time in other plans, Apple Music is included. You are still eligible to benefit from this promotion even if you already have an Apple Music subscription.

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In addition, to those looking to buy iPhone 14 when it launches fully, Verizon has decided it would be giving iPhone 14 one month of free Apple Music.

Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, 600GB of Verizon Cloud storage, Apple Music, the choice of Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, and other free bonuses are already included in the fully-loaded package.

It’s unknown whether existing users would obtain Apple One or if the promotion will be limited to brand-new clients.

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