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Step by Step Guide: How to set up Paystack on your WordPress WooCommerce

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
paystack for wordpress

Figure out how to utilize Paystack without any problem! It is a cutting edge administration that gives business people a chance to permit their clients to make payments the right way on their sites. There are a few different ways to do it, and we are going to talk about them now.

Every eCommerce store existing on WordPress is known to be using the popular WooCommerce plugin to integrate a store on wordpress which is the best wordpress plugin to help you solve it.

WordPress is presumably the most generally used CMS on the planet today, and thusly, we have endeavored to offer broad help for the diverse modules and systems for the most.

Well, heads up we going to talk about a lot of things here, and in this article you going to learn how to set up your paystack properly.Here are some fundamental advances you can take to utilize Paystack on your WordPress woocommerce.

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Paystack is an amazing payment system every business need to use in Nigeria or Africa in other to receive payments easily. Today, we are going to discover some simple ways for you to utilize Paystack and give you rules that will tell you the best way to integrate its service on your wordpress.

Before you think about what do I need to get started, I will show you all you need to setup paystack on your wordpress WooCommerce and make it amazing using the this cheat-sheet as a guide.

If you haven’t installed or downloaded the Paystack WooCommerce Plugin because you are afraid of setting it up then you need to download it now and please make sure to install the plugin before you proceed with the tutorial.

So, let’s get started.

Best way to set up Paystack easily on your WordPress WooCommerce

After you might have downloaded the plugin and you have successfully installed it and you can see the plugin available on your dashboard you can then navigate to it for setting up.

Now, it’s time to setup WooCommerce following this guide you should get it done. It isn’t something that should take your time to setup. You need to enter your API keys on the paystack plugin.

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You need to uncheck the test mode on your paystack plugin settings so you can receive payment and there are four secret keys but to enable you collect payments from your customers you only need two secret keys which are the live secret key and live public key.

To get your API Keys please navigate to your paystack dashboard and get it in your account settings. Once you have gotten the keys please input them in your live keys respectively.

Once that is done, you can click the “save changes” to apply them and now its done.

Please don’t forget to check the box to enable paystack gateway on WordPress WooCommerce, this will enable your customers make online payments using paystack but if this feature is not enabled all you have done above won’t work.

In other, to make it work please enable it. So that’s it with setting up paystack woocommerce plugin on your WordPress site easily.

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