4 Tips and Tricks to Save or Maximize Battery Life on Windows 11

4 Tips and Tricks to Save or Maximize Battery Life on Windows 11

Everything you need to know concerning saving or maximizing your windows 11 battery life is included in this article, Here are the 4 Tips and Tricks to Save or Maximize Battery Life on Windows 11.

It’s common to need to bring a charger with your laptop due to battery drain. But Windows 11 provides lots of options to assist users in paying attention to their battery usage.

Reduce the number of browser tabs and programs running in the background, lower the display resolution when watching videos, and switch to Airplane Mode when you don’t require internet access.

You can choose from a number of battery-saving features in Windows 11. Try these 4 strategies if you frequently struggle to keep your computer running for an extended period of time.

Windows 11, the most recent version of Windows from Microsoft, was just released.

You may extend the battery life of your computer without significantly reducing performance by following these four helpful tips from the manufacturer.

How to Improve Battery Life on Windows 11 Fast in 4 Ways

I know how hard it could be when your battery keeps draining due to windows 11, I have also been here and after trying and applying these tips I maximized my battery by 12%.

1. Enable Battery Saver

Similar to Windows 10, Windows 11 has its own Battery Saver mode, which you can access by going to the Settings page and selecting System, Power & battery.

To manually turn it on and to determine when it automatically turns on, select Battery Saver (when your battery is at 10% or 20%, for example.)

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This mode of Windows 11 limits how busy applications may be when you aren’t actively using them and slows down syncing for things like emails and calendars.

In order to enable the battery saver mode do this;

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click System > Power & Battery.
  • Click the toggle button under the Battery saver to turn it on manually.

You can also enable the battery saver mode to turn itself on automatically;

Choose your preferred battery % from the drop-down option next to “Turn the battery saver on automatically” if you wish to activate this feature automatically.

2. Change the Background Activity of Some Apps

In this post, we’ll teach you how to stop programs from running in the background on Windows 11 in order to conserve battery life, data use, and (some) system resources.

These features can be helpful in a variety of situations because background apps can consume battery life, bandwidth, and system resources even when you didn’t start them.

  • Navigate to settings
  • Click on System > Power & battery > Battery usage.
  • Now select More options (three vertical dots) > Manage background activity.
  • Change the setting for Let this app run in the background.

Windows gave us three options to help us set our background activity;

  • Always: Always allowed to run in the background is the application.
  • Power optimized (recommended): Windows will choose the action that will assist save the most power while enabling the program to periodically update and receive notifications. An app that consumes more power may be restricted by this setting.
  • Never: The application won’t run in the background if you aren’t utilizing it right away. Although you won’t get any app notifications or updates, this will help conserve the most battery.
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3. Enable Dark Mode & Reduce Screen Brightness

Research from Purdue University indicates that because the percentage is so modest, most users wouldn’t notice the marginally increased battery life.

However, the more brightness there is when going from light to dark mode, the more energy is saved.

We advise you to enable dark mode and also learn to reduce your screen brightness to help save your battery more than increasing screen brightness and turning on dark mode which can drain your battery really fast.

  • Open Settings > Personalization
  • Click Background.
  • Choose Colors and switch it from light mode to dark mode.

4. Control Power Usage

This feature is available on all windows versions and it’s still available for Windows 11 users, Reduced RAM usage using Efficiency Mode is another method for enhancing Windows 11 performance.

  1. Open Settings > System >Power & battery.
  2. Under the “Power” > choose Best power efficiency.

Above are the top most 4 Tips and Tricks to Save or Maximize Battery Life on Windows 11, if you enjoyed this article consider sharing it with your family & friends using the share button below.

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