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Introducing Flutterpay: Making E-Payments Easier For Nigerians

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Welcome to the future! The world is changing, and digital is the new cool. While the 2020 vision of a totally cashless policy and economy hasn’t been realized, more and more things are becoming automated, and people now do literally everything with their mobile devices.

Point is, it’s easy, automatic, fast, seamless, time-saving and in light of recent events and the global pandemic, it is safer.

Let’s say you need to pay any of your utility bills, maybe for electricity, you no longer have to step out of your house to do that. Just a few steps online and you’re done. Or say, you wanna renew your GOTV subscription, all you gotta do is just get your mobile and do the transaction online. It’s a lot easier, faster and even sometimes, cost effective.

What then is Flutterpay?

Flutterpay is a Nigerian fintech platform on the rise. With services ranging from airtime and data top-up, payments of bills, cable subscription, SMS adverts etc, available to thousands of customers, Flutterpay is establishing itself as an authority platform in the financial services market.

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What We Do

Flutterpay’s vision and mission are simple: To become the leading e-payment platform, trustworthy and reliable and to be available in servicing our customers, at all times. And, to enhance the use of e-payment platforms, introduce innovative, safe and secure solutions and to ensure clients and partners are satisfied.

Below are a highlight of our main services, available to customers right now, even as we consistently keep developing and growing the platform.

• Airtime Top-Up & Data Subscription

You not only get your top-up and data subscription at cheaper rates, it’s faster, easier and it keeps getting better.

• Pay Electricity bills (AEDC, Ikeja Electric, Eko Electricity, IBEDC & lots more)

How cool is that? You don’t have to go out, stay on a queue or anything to get your electricity subscription done anymore. And this time it’s for real. Either you use Ikeja Electric or Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company or any other, we got you covered one hundred percent.

• Cable TV Subscription

Subscribe to your DSTV, GOTV & Startimes from the comfort of your home, through your phone on FlutterPay. The good thing is, it’s instant.

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• Purchase Exam PIN fast and easily.

PINs and Tokens for standardized examinations across the country are available, on the platform. Either it’s registration PIN for JAMB, or WASSCE/NECO Exams result checker, you can get them online at the best rates you’ll get anywhere.

• Transfer & Withdraw Cash

Your FlutterPay account will serve as an e-wallet, with which you will be able to receive money, make transfers and withdraw cash, for free. You can be sure that there are no hidden maintenance fees or transaction processing fee.

• Bulk SMS

Perhaps you run a business, or you’re a digital marketer, then from time to time you might need to send messages to as many clients you need, at the same time, without attracting a significant cost. Our Bulk SMS service is affordable, fast and easy to use.

Why You Should Use FlutterPay?

We are a Nigerian brand on the rise and we believe together, we can forge the future of E-Payments. Some of the benefits of choosing our platform include;

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• A guarantee of instant delivery on all transactions processed on the platform,

• All transactions on our platform are processed seamlessly, without any hassles and,

• For every completed transaction, you receive free SMS and e-mail notifications, instantaneously.

FlutterPay is obviously the way to go, if you are planning to go digital or even if you just want to make quick and easy transactions without having to endure the day-day hassles in the financial system.

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