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Introducing Gotagger: MP3 & Video Tagger Platform

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Best MP3 Tagger with Jingle for WordPress and Blogspot — Gotagger

Are you just hearing about Gotagger for the first time then you should keep reading these. Gotagger is an advancing file uploading and processing software that was recently launched and offers lots of features that are found helpful for personal use and business use.

If you still trying to understand why use Gotagger then you need to know that Gotagger offers premium features like Go Drive, Go Audio, Go Video, and Go Album.

You might be wondering what is the function of these features to me personally or as a business?

Gotagger accepts file uploads and imports from various sources, add jingle to mp3 files, watermark video, extract zip files & more.

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Features of Gotagger?

Gotagger has four (4) features:

Go Drive: If you are familiar with Google Drive then you should understand what Go Drive means, Well Go Drive helps you save, manage, and access files uploaded to your Drive. Don’t forget so the amount of Go Drive storage will be allocated.

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Go Audio: one amazing feature that benefits bloggers a lot is using the Go Audio that allows you Add jingle, modify embedded artwork, and tags on mp3 files. Gotagger is known for offering features like this to well-known bloggers and if you are a blogger you definitely need to make use of this feature too.

Go Video: This is another feature that can help businesses and also bloggers that blog about movies and want to add a watermark to the video when downloaded then Gotagger is your best option.

Go Ablum: The is also one of the best features for bloggers who likes to zip album before sharing on their blog for everyone to download.

Does Gotagger take Privacy Seriously?

Gotagger respects your privacy and the information collected from the forms, we only ask for personal information when we truly need it to provide a service to you. We collect it by fair and lawful means, with your knowledge and consent. We also let you know why we’re collecting it and how it will be used.

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Gotagger doesn’t share any personally identifying information publicly or with third-parties, except when required to by law.

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Gotagger Pricing?

Gotagger offers three (3) plans to its users, which are listed below:

You are required to choose from these plans before you can make use of the Gotagger services.

Go Audio Plan: This plan gives you to embed audio jingle, add album art, metadata changes, album tagging, 30GB bandwidth, and send to the server. This plan costs ₦1,500 monthly which is affordable.

Go Video Plan: This plan gives you embedding feature, import via URL, output modification, 50GB bandwidth, send to the server, and lastly clone from youtube. This plan cost ₦3,000 monthly which is affordable for such features.

We all know how hard it is getting to import a video from youtube and also been able to embed a watermark on it right from your dashboard.

Go Premium Plan: This plan gives you everything on the Go Audio plan, Go Video plan, 100GB bandwidth, 10GB Go Drive storage, send to the server, and file permanence. This plan costs ₦4,000 monthly.

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Want to see the plans for yourself? View it here.

How to use Gotagger and Create an Account on Gotagger?

  • Create an account on Gotagger
  • Fill the required information & proceed.
  • While in the dashboard, visit the Account page download the Go-Manager script and upload it to public_html on your server (This allows server-server file sending possible).
  • After installing the Go-Manager Script on your server, our platform will ping to your server and the ping status will change to active if the script is found.
  • Upload configuration under the video or audio section depending on your subscription plans.

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