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MTN Free Browsing: How to Browse for Free on MTN in Nigeria

by Joseph Praise

MTN Nigeria is one of the fast leading mobile telecommunication in Nigeria. It has been in operation for over 10 years now.

This article is aimed at enlightening you more on MTN free browsing methods, cheats, tweaks, codes, softwares and ways it can be done with the several benefits that are inherent in it. Do people still browse free on MTN Nigeria? I know and believe that they do. Several complaints have been given in the past as to why use free browsing when you can buy a one day plan or pay for a package for a little fee although most Nigerians still see the fee as exorbitant.

What is Free Browsing?

Free browsing is all about using your favorite network for internet activities without paying for it. The question you might what to ask is, is it possible? Yes it is. I have used free browsing settings before. You can browse for as long as the network or mobile operator allows.

Free browsing is browsing at N0.00 kobo. Yes its true and there are quite a number of people who are still browsing at zero Naira today. It is like someone going to our NNPC filling station and asking for a 75 litres of fuel, (full tank) of a Jeep. After the dispenser has finished he drives away with payment while the dispenser waves goodbye at him. 🙂

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Uses of Free Browsing on the Internet

The Internet Is fast becoming a very Huge source of relevant Information online and many Libraries and Colleges cannot deny this fact, even some people also earn a living through the internet. The reason is that we can do so much now than when we first imagine. Stay at home and watch movies online most of which you never have to pay. Read so many courses without ever traveling or leaving your sitting room and talking or video calling a friend or family via the internet.

Now lets get to the real reason behind this article. In order to browse free, you should give yourself to learning new ways. When you have free browsing, you are connected to the world of possibilities and opportunities that abound all over the cyber space.

Nigerian telecommunication networks have really been ripping al lot of people off and MTN is no exception whether is the slow connection after paying for data plan or lack or 3G/HSDPA or even disconnecting you before your plan expires.

Most people who browse for free browse for so many reasons. So for every time you invest online, you ought to get a similar recompense for your effort. Browsing can be fun but can also be serious business depending on what you do and due to the rising cost of paid connections, users and customers are now searching for alternatives that will ease their cost of browsing the internet.

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Let’s us not forget that each month if you are like me, you will spend few thousands on data plan and internet bundles. It’s almost becoming a ritual now our telecom operators sit and demand for cash regularly and we oblige them. This is one thing that drives young ones to seek for free cheat codes they can try.

Are you seeking for an opportunity to browse the internet in Nigeria free via MTN network? Yes it is possible to browse free on MTN.

MTN Nigeria has many paid plans. These data plans cost quite an amount. But wait!

Before you start, ensure that you have gotten all that you need for the browsing.

They include:

  • A good modem
  • A good phone (optional)
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Some techy ideas on how to configure your laptop or phone

Guys are truly mad with the MTN Nigeria limited network. I do not blame them at all. They have preconceived a mindset that our operators are ripping us off. And they may not be far from the truth. I remember the days of per minute billing. Even when you call gets cut off due to bad or fluctuating network you are billed. It was really terrible and so many guys believe its their way of taking revenge on MTN network by using tweaks and free browsing codes. Although for it to work properly, you must be able to configure your modem or phone with the latest settings properly. Sometimes they do block it and new cheats come out so you need to always be updated.

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Benefits of Free Browsing on MTN

When you have chosen MTN as your preferred network, browsing free on this network is very popular and tweaks/cheat codes are readily available. There are some benefits of doing so such as:

  1. You do not pay. Your spending limits have been cut when you chose to do free internet browsing on MTN Nigeria
  2. Have access to your social platforms free. Your social network profiles can be accessed
  3. Check your emails freely. There is nothing as sweet as being free from going to the cyber café to check emails. Free browsing allows you to check the emails
  4. It helps your learning to be fast
  5. It enables you get the latest opportunities online.
  6. You can configure MTN free browsing for others and make money in the process.
  7. It makes you techy 😉


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