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How to Get MTN 300% BONUS + 150MB on All Recharges ( MTN Welcome Back Offer)

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Don’t be surprised about hearing offers like this, MTN Welcome Back is an offer that rewards customers that have spent 30 – 180 days on the network without performing any chargeable activity with 300% bonus on ALL recharges and 150MB Thank God is Friday (TGIF) Data Bonus.

MTN Special Welcome Back Data Bundle is a discounted data bundle available to customers that have spent 60 – 180 days on the network without performing any data.

Now this Good News is, today is friday so enjoy all bonus offer today.

Also Customers that have not done any data activity within 60 – 180 days will be able to purchase special data bundles that has been designed for them.

I know you are probably thinking, Will I enjoy the 300% bonus on every recharge?

Yes, you will receive the bonus on every recharge from N100 – N1000 for the next 3 months.

After receiving the 300% bonus, 200% bonus will be used for Voice calls & SMS to all networks in Nigeria and the 100% bonus will be used for Data. You will also receive 150MB ONCE every week to browse the internet ONLY on Friday.

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Note: The face value of the amount recharged will be converted to the 300% bonus and credited to the Welcome Back bonus dedicated account.

Example: if you recharge with N100, you will receive N300 bonus which will be credited to the Welcome Back Bonus dedicated account and no airtime will be credited to your main account i.e. N200 will be used for Voice calls & SMS to all networks in Nigeria and N100 will be used for Data.

Who is eligible for the Welcome Back Offer?

All MTN PREPAID customers who have spent 30-180 days on the network without any chargeable activity will enjoy the 300% recharge and 150MB TGIF Data bonus while the PREPAID customers who have spent 60-180 days on the network without any data activity will enjoy the Welcome Back Special Data Bundles.

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What is the validity of the 300% and TGIF bonus?

The bonus validity for the 300% bonus depends on the amount recharged. Please refer to the table below:

300% Bonus (on recharges between N100 – N1000)N100 – N500  15 days
N501-N1000  30 days
150MB TGIF Data Bonus (once a week)
1 day (Friday 12am to 11:59pm)

Note: After expiry, all unused bonus will clear on the day of expiry.

How to Subscribe for 300% MTN Bonus

Dial *131*66#, select 1 to opt in fully into the package.

How can I check my bonus balance?

You can check your bonus account by dialing *559*65#

What if I exhaust my Welcome Back special data bundle before the renewal date?

As soon as you exhaust your Special data bundle before the expiry date, your data access would be suspended and you will not be able to browse again. To continue browsing, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Buy another Welcome Back special data plan by dialling *131*65#
  • Buy MTN data plan by dialling *131*1#
  • Borrow data by dialling *606#
  • Opt-in for Pay-As-You-Go browsing by dialling *131*200# to continue browsing from your airtime @N3/MB.
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In addition, If your recharges are less than N100, you will NOT receive the 300% bonus AND the applicable tariff bonus even if you are on a tariff plan that awards bonus on recharge for the specified amount.

However, the recharge amount will be credited to your main account.

MTN Welcome Back Special Data Plans

Bundle PlanPrice (N)Validity PeriodActivation
(SMS to 131)
Purchase Frequency
250MB1003 daysWBD1*131*65*1#ONCE a Day
1GB2007 daysWBD2*131*65*2#ONCE a Week
4GB100030 daysWBD3*131*65*3#ONCE a Month

Comment if you still having issues getting your data…

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