Oraimo OpenPods Review: Better than Apple AirPods? (2023)

Oraimo OpenPods Review: Better than Apple AirPods?
Oraimo OpenPods Review: Better than Apple AirPods?

Hello World! It’s been a very long time since I wrote an article due to a very bad issue I had with my laptop. I got it working a day ago and I couldn’t wait to start writing again. I feel like I’m a little rusty. So, forgive me if this article doesn’t feel up to standard. Lol.

I started researching articles to write and something caught my attention. Oraimo recently started a new “Open Ear” series but for some reason, there hasn’t been proper promotion of this new series. And, it felt very weird because Oraimo always promotes their products all over the place whenever they are launched.

So, for awareness, I decided to put out this article talking about one of the products from the “Open-Ear” series that caught my attention. This product is the – Oraimo OpenPods. After checking out the specifications and features of the OpenPods, I fell in love with it and I’m sure you will too.

Now, let’s get right into the article and check out the subheaders under the Oraimo OpenPods Review.

How Much are the Oraimo OpenPods?

Just like every other Oraimo product out there, the Oraimo OpenPods is very reasonably priced. For a product having its features, you would expect it to be as expensive as Apple’s AirPods or Samsung’s Earbuds. But, the Oraimo OpenPods go for just 43,000 Naira but with retail prices, you may get it at between 45,000-48,000 Naira. And, with the features you get, it’s totally worth it.

If I might say, it is a very huge upgrade to other earbuds from Oraimo like the Oraimo FreePods 3. Which has to be one of the best products I’ve ever used from Oraimo’s product line.

Oraimo OpenPods – What’s in the Box?

The packaging of the Oraimo OpenPods is nothing special! The box has the same colors featured on all Oraimo products. The light-green and black color. Nostalgic? YES! Too Regular? HELL YEAH! The box has a perfectly squared shape with clear elastic nylon covering the box to protect it from dust.

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The Box has a small elastic handle on the top that allows for a good grip while carrying the package around. On opening the box, you’ll first notice the beautiful black hard-plastic casing containing the OpenPods. And in a separate section of the box, you get a charger for the OpenPods, User manuals for you to ignore and that’s just about it!

Now comes the BIG REVEAL! When you open that black hard-plastic casing, your eyes are met with the beautiful OpenPods with the ear-hook bent at a perfect angle to enable a firm grip on your ear while still retaining a very soft texture and the circular speaker part having very thin grilles and a nice feel.

FaqonTech Recommended Video on the Oraimo OpenPods

Oraimo OpenPods – Features and Specifications

  1. The Oraimo OpenPods are IPX5 Waterproof

So the first thing you want to know about this product is that it is IPX5 Waterproof and it does not mean you can just soak your Oraimo OpenPods in water and nothing is going to be wrong with the product. It just means that if there’s light rain outside then your Pods should be completely fine. This does not mean you dip your OpenPods in water and you leave it there and then just bring it out and you expect it to work perfectly.

2. It Features Oraimo’s Famous Bass-Boost Algorithm

The Oraimo OpenPods uses Oraimo’s exclusive bass boost algorithm and this simply means that the bass of this new Pods are going to be very smooth, and the Acoustics of the musical instruments in songs you listen to are going to sound perfectly clear while you’re using them.

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3. OpenPods have an extremely long playtime. A 30-minute charge time could provide you with 600 minutes of playtime! You will be more excited about life with the music companion!

4. OpenPods will not stick in your ears, and superb conduction technology eliminates the discomfort of disturbances caused by bone conductive drivers. The lightweight design as well as skin-friendly silicone eliminates ear pain.

5. If you lose your earbuds, after pairing them with your mobile device, go to the Bluetooth settings and look for “oraimo OpenPods setting,” then click “find device” to start the search. When you press “ring left/ring right,” the corresponding earbud will begin to beep.

Verdict and Conclusion!

I’ll be giving the Oraimo OpenPods a solid 8.3/10. This rating was given because of the wide range of exclusive features you get with the OpenPods while still maintaining a very reasonable pricing compared to its competition in the market.

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