How To Talk in Twitter Spaces on a PC (Macbook & Windows)

How To Talk in Twitter Spaces on a PC
How To Talk in Twitter Spaces on a PC

Hello World! In this article, I’ll be explaining to y’all how you can talk in Twitter Spaces on a PC, whether you’re using a Windows PC or an Apple MacBook. Twitter started testing the Spaces feature at the end of 2020, only eight months after the debut of Clubhouse.

The functionality was made available to all users in the late months of 2021, and the Android version of Twitter was updated to accommodate Spaces before Clubhouse arrived on the device. Twitter has also introduced Ticketed Spaces, allowing Space hosts to charge money for people to join their Spaces.

When you use a Web Browser on your PC, the best you can do on Twitter Spaces is to listen to Spaces, and you cannot Host, Co-Host, or even talk in the Space.

You can only listen! I guess Twitter is taking its time to design this feature for PC users, and they’ll roll it out in the future. But, for now, they haven’t, and that’s why we have to look at alternative methods to talk in Twitter spaces if you decide to use a PC to join a Space.

Using your Laptop to host a Space would be more convenient than using a smartphone actually. You can keep talking in Spaces and doing other stuff, or if you’re reading something from the Internet for the listeners on your space, it is just more convenient to have a larger screen to read on and still talk smoothly on the Space.

Talking and Hosting Twitter Spaces using a PC can only be done with the help of Android Emulators. These emulators are software that allows you to run applications in their Smartphone versions on your laptops.

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The best Android emulator out there is called BlueStacks, and it is a software that I personally use and will recommend to anyone wanting to run any application on their Android or iOS devices directly on their laptops.

So, I’ll be showing y’all the easy steps to use the BlueStacks emulator to get the Android version of Twitter and then use that to log into your Twitter account on your laptop, and you’ll be able to not only listen to Twitter Spaces but host, co-host and speak in spaces via your Windows PC or MacBook.

How To Talk in Twitter Spaces on a PC: Using BlueStacks

To talk in Twitter spaces on a PC, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a Browser using your Windows PC or MacBook
  2. Go to Google and Search for “Bluestacks Emulator”
  3. Click on the BlueStacks official website
  4. Tap on Download BlueStacks for Mac if you use a MacBook or “Download BlueStacks for Windows” if you use a Windows PC.
  5. After downloading the software, install it on your PC
  6. Now, open the BlueStacks application and let the software automatically set itself up on your laptop
  7. Go to the Google PlayStore on the BlueStacks application or use the BlueStacks official App Store
  8. Now, in the search bar provided on the App store or Google PlayStore, search for “Twitter.”
  9. Download and Install the Twitter application on your BlueStacks Software.
  10. Open the downloaded Twitter application and log into your Twitter account as you would on your Smartphone.
  11. Now, you can head on to the “Spaces” tab to listen to Spaces as usual, or you can decide to tap on the “Microphone” icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen to host a Twitter Space yourself.
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