How to Convert/Swap Remitano Network Coin to Cash or Crypto Easily

Remitano network coin renec token

Here’s a guide on how to convert remitano network coin to cash or cryptos like USDT, BTC, LTC, and others.

Did you take part in the recent remitano network coin Airdrop? Well, Remitano has announced to the public they can start converting their mined remitano network coin (RENEC Token) to cash or crypto.

Remitano Network Coin, the recognized token of the Remitano Network, is referred to by the acronym RENEC. This Blockchain was created to enable users to carry out intricate smart contracts using the RENEC token quickly and with lower transaction fees.

With users in more than 30 countries, Remitano is one of the biggest peer-to-peer (p2p) cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

Users can purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the platform’s secured peer-to-peer marketplace quickly and securely.

Remitano is a leader in the market for peer-to-peer platforms, offering a simple and user-friendly interface, round-the-clock customer service, and some of the lowest fees in the sector.

P2P fiat cryptocurrency trading is now possible within decentralized applications thanks to Remitano Network’s support for decentralized KYC on the blockchain which allows users to easily cash in and out within the app without having to leave and without needing extensive knowledge of the blockchain.

The Renec token airdrop ended in October 2022 and was launched for everyone and those willing to buy or sell.

Remitano had to lock the airdrop for 5 years so users who mined the airdrop can vest it during the 5 years period. This was created to help hold the coin from crashing.

RENEC Token Basics

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How to Convert/ Withdraw Remitano Network Coin

  • First, log Into your dashboard on Remitano website or use the App.
  • Navigate to Wallet, then scroll down.
  • Now click on RENEC Token.
  • You should see your available coins for withdrawal.
  • Click on SWAP.
  • Now select either your country’s currency (NGNR for Naira) or Crypto to convert your RENEC token.
  • Once successful, you can wish to transfer the crypto to another wallet or convert it into NGNR and withdraw it to your bank.

This is the best method to help you convert or withdraw remitano network coin/ Renec Token into cash or crypto.

How Do i Get my Mined RENEC Token?

If you can’t find your mined renec token its possible you did not complete your KYC, which led to you losing your RENEC token.

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