How to Claim Trust Wallet Airdrop (FREE Trust Wallet Airdrops)

claim trust wallet airdrop

I will show you how to claim Trust Wallet airdrop or claim free Trust Wallet airdrops sent to you by a friend. I know how difficult it is when it comes to navigating Trust Wallet and trying to claim free airdrops.

We found out that there are so many airdrops on Trust Wallet that can be claimed which prompted this guide and we are going to make it simple as possible for you.

So what is an airdrop?

What is Airdrop & How to Get Started?

Airdrop is a way for organisations to promote their coins which involves dropping/sharing small amounts of their crypto coins into individual wallets who wish to take part in their airdrop.

In a crypto project, a percentage of the token total supply will be allocated to airdrop and it’s important to note that not all airdrops are legit or worth taking part in.

For example;

How to claim FREE Ethereum (ETH) airdrop” and when you see such trending on social media, as a newbie you decide to take part in it without fully understanding if the airdrop is worth taking part in.

You could decide to follow the link and provide your ETH address and boom, you get Zero ETH or a token claiming to be ETH. The token claiming to be ETH will have its own price and distribution.

Access to an airdrop is given via a google form, a Telegram bot, or directly on a project’s website.

Before you can claim an airdrop you need a network fee, the network fee is a small amount of money on your trust wallet account or a decentralized exchange that will enable you to claim the airdrop.

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How to Claim Trust Wallet Airdrop

Many token airdrops can be gotten using a small amount of BNB and Ethereum, you can purchase some amount from trusted exchanges like Binance, coinbase, Quidax, Kucoin and a lot more.

In other to claim airdrops on Trust Wallet, you need to add the token to your trust wallet account before proceeding to the required means to access the airdrop.

How to Add Token to Trust Wallet

  • Before you can add a token to Trust Wallet, remember you must have set up your Trust Wallet account.
  • To add a token to Trust Wallet, click on the toggle icon at the top right-hand of the trust wallet app.
  • Search for the token and if you can’t find it, find and copy the token contract address.
  • Now, paste the token contract address on that toggle search section.
  • You should see the “No Asset Found” screen with the Add Custom Token button.
  • Select the token network; this means where the token was built on.
  • Now paste the contract address in the address section, other information about the token will be pasted automatically.
  • Click the “Done” button
  • Token Successfully Added

Claim Trust Wallet Airdrop Fast

Now, that you have added the token to your trust wallet, it’s time to claim.

  • Go to the Wallet section back, Now tap on DApps menu at the bottom.
  • Now enter the website link of the token in the DApps search bar.
  • Once the page has successfully loaded, make sure you change the network from Ethereum to any other network the token was built on.
  • Remember you have purchased the small amount of that token and it must be sent to your trust wallet account.
  • After that, click on Claim Airdrop or anyhow the site brings it.
  • You will be taken to a page where you will find the network fee needed to claim the airdrop.
  • click “APPROVE”.
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After all this, you can now click on the wallet at the down part of your trust wallet application to see the coin in your wallet.

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