Home Tech News Sad News: Glo lost 1.7 Million Customers While MTN Dominate the Table

Sad News: Glo lost 1.7 Million Customers While MTN Dominate the Table


The battle has just begun, you need to read the full story on how Glo lost 1.7 million customers within 4 weeks.

Stiff competition amongst the telcos has caused repeated beat downs in data price, and the rapid spread of 4G technology.

According to industry statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for November 2019, MTN gained the highest share of Internet subscribers with 850,285 subscribers, more than twice as much as Airtel, 307,070, while Visafone rounds up the gainers’ table with 7,939.

On the flip side of the table, same month, the self-righteous grandmasters of data, Glo shockingly lost 1.7 million subscribers with the only other losers, 9mobile, shedding 210,374.

Speaking to some Glo users, the majority affirmed that the telco has relatively cheap data plans, but while a precious few praised its speed, the web surfing speed leaves much to be desired.

Of the big mobile network operators, Glo has been leading the way with cheap data plans, and in the opinion of some users its relative sluggishness lets the data “last longer”.

Judging by the massive loss, it may seem that more subscribers are valuing the speed and quality available on other networks to the quantity of data. The only complaints here are fast draining data bundles that “defy reasonable explanation”.

Likely as a result of Glo’s shocking loss, the number of Internet subscribers reduced by about 716,846 between October and November, as gains made by MTN, Airtel, and Visafone could not make up for this loss.

In the year 2019, MTN gained the highest share of Internet subscribers with over 7.08 million, closely followed by Airtel 3.46 million, and Visafone, 26,290 subscribers. Glo, on the other hand, has lost 276,671 while 9mobile records the heaviest loss at 1.74 million subscribers.

However, 9mobile lost a little more in 2019 (1,747,111) than it did in 2018 (1,219,474). Glo also declined considerably in 2019, with its loss of 276,671 Internet users compared to the 834,000 subscribers it gained in 2018.

Last year, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami gave directives to telcos to reduce the cost of data, rapid data deduction and improve the quality of service but it remains to be seen if telcos would follow through on this.

This explains the reasons why some of you have been surfing with your Glo line free of charge before it recently stopped working on Yakata. Glo lost customers, and are striving to gain more data customers by all cost.

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