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Surprise: Twitter is Now Integrated into Opera Desktop Browser

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
twitter on opera deskop browser

As the title says, Twitter is now available on the Opera desktop browser just as you can log in your Instagram and Facebook from the opera desktop browser now; it has added native twitter integration to its sidebar.

According to a survey conducted by Opera, 62% of Twitter users in the US wish for the social media platform to be easier to use on their desktop computers.

This update was released by Opera press team, the new Twitter feature follows shortly after Opera launched built-in Instagram support and hit record desktop user base numbers with 73 million unique monthly users in March 2020. 

“Having Twitter in the sidebar is perfect for people who use it very actively,” said Maciej Kocemba, product director at Opera.

“Twitter users think it should be easier to access Twitter on their PCs and we agree: we have tweaked Opera to make it the perfect browser for them.” 

The use of a keyboard and a large display makes tweeting or sending direct messages more convenient. Using Twitter directly in the browser’s sidebar is also more convenient than picking up a smartphone or opening a special client app on one’s PC, especially when it’s breaking news one wants to follow.

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The sidebar integration makes it easier to find Twitter whenever it’s needed. Having Twitter built into Opera gives users quick access to their main feed, the search function as well as direct messages, allowing people to respond to unfolding events more quickly.  

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