How To Update To iOS 15 On iPhone without WIFI – Download & Install IOS 15

how to update to ios 15

In this article, I will show you how you can update to IOS 15 on your iPhone without WIFI, It seems like a small change, but it actually says a lot about the current state of iOS.

Also, iOS should be considered as a mature platform for app developers, so iOS 15 adoptions will be slower than usual as people won’t necessarily update to iOS 15 right away. Apps should potentially work on older iOS versions for longer.

There are a ton of small changes that make iOS 15 better than iOS 14.

The biggest change of iOS 15 is a new Focus mode. In addition to “Do not disturb,” you can configure various modes — you can choose apps and people you want notifications from and change your focus depending on what you’re doing. For instance, you can create a Work mode, a Sleep mode, a Workout mode, etc.

How To Update To iOS 15 On iPhone without WIFI Video Version

How To Update To iOS 15 On iPhone without WIFI

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on General, then tap on “Date and Time”
  • Change the time to two weeks before your current time.
  • Then save and proceed to software updates and click Download and install.

It will then automatically start downloading once the download is available.

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