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World’s Oldest Running Webcam ‘FogCam’ Is Closing After 25 Years

by Abioye Shinaayomi

When two (2) San Francisco State University students Jeff Schwartz and Dan Wong put up a webcam (FogCam) to stream part of the San Francisco State university campus on the Internet in the year 1994 which is quite a really long time right???, they probably never expected that it will go on for Twenty-Five (25) years.


Now, after quarter of a century that same webcam, popularly dubbed as FogCam, is now very sadly nearing its end. Jeff Schwartz and Dan Wong, who go by the screen names Webdog and Danno, revealed on the official San Francisco FogCam website that the cam will shut down forever at the end this month.

“After 25 years, FogCam is shutting down forever at the end of August. Webdog & Danno thank our viewers and San Francisco State University for their support over the years,” the official FogCam website reads.
“The Internet has changed a lot since 1994, but FogCam will always have a special place in its history.”

FogCam has continuously been in operation since the year 1994, barring a few location changes to avoid getting shut down by the university. But now, the webcam’s operators Schwartz and Wong are finally ready to put it to rest.

According to Jeff Schwartz, he was really fascinated by the first-ever live webcam – the Trojan Room Coffee Pot cam – that actually and surprisingly even predates the Internet. However, it was sadly shut down in the year 2001. The Trojan Room Coffee Pot cam initially streamed on a local network before making its way to the World Wide Web.

SFGate report revealed that FogCam initially normally pointed towards Holloway Avenue, on which the San Francisco State University is located, however at times the operators changed its direction towards Cafe Rosso pay tribute to the coffee-related origins of Trojan Room Coffee Pot cam.

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The 30th of this month will be the last day for FogCam, however its website will continue to remain live for those who want to reminisce.

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