Is Metablaze Legit? Is Metablaze a Good Investment? – All You Need To Know About Metablaze!

Metablaze X FaqonTech
Metablaze X FaqonTech

MetaBlaze is a gaming firm based on the Blockchain that combines Defi and GameFi features to build a synergistic environment based on prominent web 3 technology.

The play-to-earn game will have cutting-edge 3D visuals, exclusive features, and a world brimming with new worlds to dominate in PVP fights.

In an engrossing RPG, battle supernatural creatures for control of magnificent metaverse planets. MetaBlaze will play a critical role in this initiative by adding property ownership as an element of its game plans; virtual lands will be accessible to purchase, rent, or trade within its gaming Metaverse.

Within its gaming Metaverse, the MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) will function as the local currency. The MBLZ Token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with an Ethereum Blockchain version expected to launch in a few days.

The Metablaze Token is a deflationary token by design, with up to 48% of the supply set to be burned.

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the basics of the Metablaze token, I’ll now be addressing some of the frequently asked questions on this token, Note that this is not a sponsored article and every opinion dropped about this token in this article is personal.

Is Metablaze Legit?

Yes! Metablaze is Legit!

How did I come to that conclusion? Well, firstly I checked the project out on Cryptototem – a website that ranks upcoming ICOs and Metablaze was topping the list. This means that it has been verified to be a legit project by the platform and the General public. I also checked out the website and put a number of factors into consideration like the Roadmap, Token activity, and more.

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Is Metablaze a Good Investment?

Well, I cannot say this for sure. So, you’ll have to carry out your own research on it. If you feel like it’s a good investment, then you can invest in it and if you think it’s not, then you can check out other projects that might tickle your fancy.

How Can I Buy Metablaze?

During the Presale phase of Metablaze, you will be able to purchase MBLZ tokens directly through the website, and after its officially launched to the public, you’ll be able to purchase the tokens on PancakeSwap.

Metablaze Contract Address!

The contract address for Metablaze is non-existent for now but it’ll be released to the General public once it’s officially launched.

What is Metablaze Token Price? / Metablaze Crypto Price!

As a show of gratitude to early investors, presale cryptocurrency investors are frequently rewarded with bonus tokens. The present presale price for the MetaBlaze ICO round is at $0.000095, with a 5% token bonus awarded for each presale transaction.

What are Metablaze Twitter and Metablaze Reddit?

Metablaze Twitter and Metablaze Reddit are Metablaze’s official Twitter and Reddit pages. Here are links to their official pages on both platforms.

Twitter – (6) METABLAZE (@meta_blaze) / Twitter

Reddit – Metablaze (u/meta_blaze) – Reddit

Metablaze Certik? What’s that?

This shows a score depending on how much people trust the MBLZ token.

Who are the Founders of Metablaze?

Core Member: Blaise – LinkedIn Profile is Unknown.

Founder & CEO: Michelle German –
Founder & CMO: Mobeen Malik –

Co-Founder & CTO: Toghrul Agayev –
Co-Founder & CDO: Jeyhun Alakbarov –

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