How Remedial Health is Improving Health Sector in Africa

Remedial Health

Remedial health is a healthcare service provider that helps to reduce fake drugs by selling medicine In wholesale to 1 million pharmacies and hospitals in Africa.

Remedial Health was launched due to the lockdown of businesses in Idumota, Lagos that sells drugs wholesale. Remedial already operates in sixteen states across Nigeria.

The startup was founded by Samuel Okwuada and Victor Benjamin, For the benefit of local pharmacies, PPMVs, and hospitals, Remedial Health provides digital procurement and PMR (patient medication records) platforms that facilitate access to economical and reliable retail medications.

The Nigerian companies Orange Drugs, Emzor, and Fidson Healthcare, as well as more than 100 pharmaceutical suppliers and manufacturers, including GSK, Pfizer, and Astrazeneca, are all connected to Remedial.

Remedial Health’s logistics network allows healthcare providers to order approved pharmaceuticals and get them within 24 hours.

Additionally, the firm extends credit to pharmacies and PPMVs to pay for inventory purchases and gives loans and salary advances to employees.

Remedial Health is supported by startup accelerator Y-Combinator (YC), to which Okwuada attributes the company’s explosive growth.

Why Use Remedial Health?

Multiple issues are resolved by the digitized supply chain that Remedial Health is advocating. The first is the issue of time.

Making purchases from the wholesaler doesn’t require leaving the office all day; instead, one can just do it online through Remedial Health and have it delivered quickly.

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