Geegpay Launches to Help you Send & Recieve Foreign Currencies in Africa

Geegpay Africa
Geegpay Africa

Are you a Freelancer, local business owner, or contractor and you wish to send and receive foreign currencies (EUR, USD, GBP) in Africa?

Sending money within Africa and to other countries like Europe, the united state, the united kingdom and others has never been easy but finally, GeegPay has decided to launch by providing a solution.

Geegpay is a startup owned by Raenest, Raenest empowers startups to effortlessly onboard remote contractors and employees from 120+ countries.

African talents can use Geegpay to open virtual bank accounts in USD, GBP, and EUR to receive rapid payment for their work. They can use our smart invoicing to automate their employer billing and enhance their credit score while spending with the Geegpay virtual card.

Users can also convert to their local currencies and withdraw money to any bank or mobile money in Africa with Geegpay’s fast FX conversion at the best rate.

How to Request for Virtual Account on Geegpay

  • To register, go to
  • After you’ve completed your registration, use our automated identity verification system to confirm your identity.
  • You can then request a virtual bank account when your identification has been verified.

The process of verifying your identity and requesting a virtual bank account is completed in seconds!

For immediate payment, you can now share your virtual bank account in USD, EUR, or GBP. A fixed fee of 0.9 percent applies when receiving money using your Virtual Account.

Geegpay allows African professionals to convert their USD, GBP, and EUR to local currencies including the Nigerian Naira (NGN), Ghanaian Cedis (GHS), Kenyan Shilling (KES), Egyptian Pound (EGP), South African Rand (ZAR), and Rwandan Franc (RUF) (RF).

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Users have the option of converting within Geegpay or sending money directly to banks and mobile money. Geegpay now accepts payments from more than 50 countries. On Geegpay, currency conversion and money transactions are both rapid and free!

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