How to Secure your KuCoin Account From Coin Theft

How to Secure your KuCoin Account From Coin Theft
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In this article, i will show you how to secure your KuCoin account from coin theft, security is important in everything we do and protecting your coins on Kucoin Exchange is important.

If you are New to KuCoin and wish to create an Account, click here to see the complete guide to create an Account Fast!

See Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.

Recommended security settings for maximum account protection:

  1. Google Verification
  2. Email Binding
  3. Trading Password


  1. Phone Number Binding
  2. Trading Password

How to Secure your KuCoin Account From Coin Theft

  • Log Into your KuCoin Account
  • Navigate to Account Security
  • Locate Account security option on the drop-down menu
  • This is where you ensure maximum security to your KuCoin Account
  • Email and Phone Verification are lightwieght security add advnance security like Google Verification, Trading Password, and Anti-Phishing Phrase.

How to Set Up Google 2FA on KuCoin

  • Download Google Authenticator from your App Store –available for iOS and Android.
  • Proceed to installation, while its installing click on “Set” via Kucoin account security.
  • Click Send Code to have the unique verification code sent to your Email. Enter the code into the box and click Next.
  • Scan the Google QR Code with your App and safely write down your Secret Key(SK). The SK will be used to recover your account if you ever lose your phone or delete the App from your phone.

How to Set Up Trading Password on KuCoin

  • Click on “Set” on the Kucoin account security.
  • Enter your Google Verification Code from the Google Authenticator App.
  • Once you are done, proceed.
  • Provide a six-digit number you can easily remember but difficult for a hacker to guess as your trading PIN and then click Confirm.
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You can also proceed to set up anti-phishing phrases on your KuCoin account.

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