How To Send SMS Messages Using Your Laptop in 7 Easy Steps!

How To Send SMS Messages Using Your Laptop
How To Send SMS Messages Using Your Laptop

Hello Guys! So, this was a totally unplanned article… I was checking out an article on a Tech Blog that I read frequently, and there was an article published on how to send SMS Messages for free using Google Messages app.

I got intrigued that Google was making moves on their own messages app to mirror the capabilities of Apple’s iMessage, and I wanted to write an article on it until BOOM! I found out that It isn’t available for all users right now… seriously? The disappointment!

Well, while scrolling through the settings on my Google Messages app on my Redmi Note 11 Smartphone, I came across something that’s pretty cool. I found out about a feature that allows you to connect your Google Messages app from your Smartphone to your laptop and with this you can easily send SMS messages using your laptop too.

This is personally a very cool feature for me. If you’ve been reading my articles, I mentioned a few times that while I work, I don’t like using my Smartphone. I prefer to be 100% concentrated on whatever I’m doing. So, this feature is going to be very useful because now, I can receive any important texts on my laptop without having to pick up my phone.

And that’s not all! With this feature, you can also send messages from your laptop to anyone on your contacts, and you can send pictures, GIFs, Stickers, as well as some media files. You can also set tones to know whenever you receive a message and a quick pop-up for all your messages.

Doing this is very easy. Let’s go through the quick steps to send SMS Messages using your Laptop.

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To do this:

  1. Update your Google Messages app on your Android Smartphone to the latest version available on the Google PlayStore
  2. Open your updated Google Messages application
  3. Tap on the Three-dot icon on the top-right corner of your screen
  4. Click on the second option that says – “Device Pairing”
  5. Now, tap on “QR Code Scanner”
  6. You’ll get a prompt asking you to head on to this website on your laptop –
  7. Now, scan the code shown on your laptop from your Smartphone and in a couple of seconds, you should see all your messages displayed on your laptop.

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