How to Turn off Sound on Instagram Stories Easily

How to Turn off Sound on Instagram Stories

Here’s a guide to help you turn off sound on Instagram stories easily, don’t worry this technique works on both Android and IOS devices.

Are you currently having issues with turning off sound on Instagram stories?

You may be aware of a recent bug that prevents you from turning down the sound on Stories if you frequently use Instagram.

After numerous platform improvements, such as larger posts and recommendations from individuals you don’t follow, the bug starts to show up.

According to sources, the issues began on September 7 and are still ongoing as of September 8 (Thursday).

Some users are now threatening to stop using Instagram Stories altogether because they recently learned that they are unable to set the volume down for their stories.

But here we are with a solution to help you get it fixed.

How to Turn off Sound on Instagram Stories

I will show you two ways to turn off sound on Instagram stories easily;

Reduce Device Volume

This approach is straightforward and involves you reducing your device volume to the lowest till the sound turns off. This will help you bypass sounds playing on your Instagram account.

For Android/IOS – Press the volume up or down by the side of your smartphone.

When reducing the device volume please make sure the sound/music volume is turned down totally for Android users.

To turn off the sound on an iPhone, flip the switch on the side of the phone.

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Try the Speaker Icon

This approach is straightforward and you already have an idea of what I’m trying to say, this involves you tapping on the speaker icon located on the video at the bottom right corner, if this doesn’t work then the previously mentioned technique should help you turn off sound on your Instagram stories.

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