How to Use Bing AI ChatBot on Skype Version

How to Use Bing AI ChatBot on Skype Version
How to Use Bing AI ChatBot on Skype Version

It is no news that Microsoft has recently released a new ChatBot using ChatGPT’s Technology on Microsoft Bing and now, that has spread to Microsoft’s long-dead messaging application – Skype. This article is targeted at showing you all How to Use Bing AI ChatBot on Skype.

Before we delve into the steps you need to take to use the new Bing AI ChatBot on Skype, let’s take a look at what Skype is, or was all about.

Using Skype, users may communicate with one another by sending free instant messages, audio and video chats, and file sharing. Since its initial release in the year, 2003, it grew to be a well-liked method of keeping in touch with friends, family, and coworkers all across the world.

The most used feature of Skype is its voice and video calling options, which let users call other Skype users for free from any location in the globe. A group call can have up to Fifty (50) participants which are still more than messaging applications like WhatsApp today and be made using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Users can share their screens with others during a call using the screen-sharing capability that Skype also provides.

Users of Skype can communicate with each other by sending text messages, voice messages, and files up to 300MB in size. Moreover, Skype has a translation feature that enables users to chat with multilingual people in real time.

In addition, Skype has a premium service called SkypeOut that enables users to place inexpensive international calls to landlines and mobile phones. Also, users have the option to buy Skype Credit, which they can use to place calls and send SMS messages.

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To give its users a new method to engage with the platform, Skype incorporated the Bing AI chatbot. Users may search for information, book reservations, and perform other operations using the Bing AI chatbot directly from their Skype chats.

Users may access the chatbot’s functionalities without leaving the app or switching to a different website or application thanks to the integration of the chatbot into the Skype platform. Users can complete tasks more quickly and with less need for many apps or windows to be open at once thanks to this.

The Bing AI chatbot provides users with a more tailored experience in addition to ease. To comprehend user queries and deliver appropriate responses, it makes use of machine learning and natural language processing. This implies that the chatbot can adapt its responses over time based on user interactions, improving its accuracy and usefulness.

In general, a greater trend toward incorporating chatbots and artificial intelligence into communication platforms is represented by the integration of the Bing AI chatbot into Skype. By giving consumers additional methods to interact with the platform, Skype aims to enhance the user experience and maintain its position in a quickly evolving technological environment.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps on How to Use Bing AI ChatBot on Skype.

How to Use Bing AI ChatBot on Skype Version

To do this;

  1. Download the Skype Version HERE
  2. Install the Skype Insider application on your Smartphone
  3. Log into your Skype account directly using your Microsoft account or Create a New account
  4. In your chat window, tap on the “Search” bar
  5. Now, you should see the Bing AI Chatbot. Tap on it
  6. In the Bing AI Chat window, you can now ask any questions you might want directly on Skype.
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If you prefer a more visual representation of this, check out this recommended video on this topic below:

FaqonTech’s Recommended Video on How to Use Bing AI ChatBot on Skype Version

In conclusion, using the Bing AI ChatBot on Skype Version is a convenient and personalized way to search for information, make reservations, and complete tasks within the Skype platform. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, the chatbot provides relevant responses and improves over time through user interactions.

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