How to Make Money from WhatsApp Voice Note on Status

Make Money from WhatsApp voice note on status - WhatsApp radio Station

Do you know you can make money from WhatsApp voice note on Status?

Well, it might sound funny but in this article, I will walk you through how to get started and your equipment to help you set up a professional WhatsApp Radio Station.

This is the new Oil for everyone to mine.

We have an article that shows you how to make money from WhatsApp TV but this time it’s How to make money from WhatsApp Voice Note on Status easily.

I call this the “WhatsApp Radio Station Money Strategy” and I will walk you through it.

What is WhatsApp Radio Station?

The WhatsApp radio station is originally known as a WhatsApp radio station that functions as a brand to entertain, share news and educate people. Currently, the WhatsApp voice note is limited to 30secs, but we can do a lot in just 30secs.

The WhatsApp Radio Station functions like a regular radio station with different brand voices.

What Can I do in under 30 secs?

If you notice Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts allows you to upload a maximum of 1min video and 1min is equal to 60secs. TikTok also allows 1 min video or longer.

Which means you can pass a message in under 30 secs.

Requirements to Start a WhatsApp Radio Station

Here are things you need to start a WhatsApp Radio Station before we proceed to learn how to make money from WhatsApp voice note on status.

  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Smartphone

The microphone will serve just like the microphone used in the studio while the speaker will serve as the output for your WhatsApp voice note input on your smartphone.


Don’t worry, I will explain.

We have two ways you can approach it.

You can set up using your Laptop and using the above-mentioned requirements or use two smartphones.

Let’s start with the easiest setup.

Using two Smartphones

It’s very easy.

Here are a few things you need.

Get a wireless Bluetooth speaker from any online store.

Connect your first smartphone to Bluetooth, this phone will serve as the music you would play on the radio station.

See it like the DJ 🙂

Funny right?

The second smartphone will be used as a microphone. Use the voice note feature but act like you are on the radio using it.

Less expensive right?

You can start small and expand your WhatsApp radio station business over time.

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Using Laptop

To use your laptop, you need a few things.

I currently, make use of this method and it’s super sweet and the audio is clear and good.

This thing might be expensive depending on your wallet.

Get a Microphone, we suggest you get an XLR-powered Microphone, get a sound card and lastly a speaker.

You can buy the Focusrite Scarlett which cost around N120,000 or a low-budget starter pack like buying a BM-800 mic which cost N30,000 then a Behringer sound card which cost N60,000.

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The Speaker can be any good speaker with quality bass, you can get the LG XBoom Speaker which cost around N44,000 or Edifier M206BT which goes for around N30,000

If you want to get all this above-mentioned equipment and need a guide to set it up then join our Telegram group here and request help.

If you are a music producer or beat maker then connecting all the above devices would be easy.

Once connected, then you can start your WhatsApp Radio Station.

How to Make Money from WhatsApp Voice Note on Status

The question is how do I make money from WhatsApp Voice Note on Status?

Check out this article on how to post voice notes on WhatsApp status here.

Let’s get started.

Build a Brand

It’s important to build a brand around anything that involves making money, this would help people remember you and grow faster.

So choose a brand name, design a brand logo or hire a graphics designer to help you with one. After choosing a brand name and logo, it doesn’t end there.

You have to select a “Brand Voice”.

Brand Voice

Brand voice is basically how a brand talks to its customers but for WhatsApp radio station, it’s how you talk to your audience who are listening to your What voice note on status.

You know how some companies have a friendly and casual tone, while others have a more professional and formal tone?

That’s all part of their brand voice.

It’s like the personality of the brand.

Just like how each of us has a unique way of communicating and expressing ourselves, a brand also has its own way of communicating with its audience.

The brand voice is really important because it helps the brand connect with its audience on a more personal level.

When a brand’s voice is consistent across all channels, it helps to build trust and loyalty among the audience. It makes the brand seem more reliable and authentic.

So, if a brand wants to succeed, it’s really important that it has a clear and consistent voice that reflects its values and personality.

That way, customers can easily recognize and relate to the brand.

Brand voice is not about using a single person for your WhatsApp radio, for example, have you listened to Wazobia radio?

Wazobia uses a pidgin brand voice while other radio stations might use a plain English brand voice.

Now you understand right?

Choose a Niche

Choosing a Niche is also part of building your Brand.

A niche is a category to focus on but for the WhatsApp Radio Station, you can set a different time for a different niche.

Something like;

  • 7 am – 10 am: Entertainment gist
  • 10:10 am – 11 am: Breaking News
  • 12 pm – 2 pm: Gossip
  • 7 pm – 11 pm: Sports Updates
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and a lot more.

Set a time and a niche.

You can also make your WhatsApp radio station educational if you want but it all depends on your brand voice and Niche.

Building WhatsApp Radio Station Audience

Now, it’s time to build your audience.

For Audience building, we are going to maintain the same strategy as WhatsApp TV.

Which involves telling your friends to mention your WhatsApp Radio station on their status and a way for them to save your number.

You can also run ads on WhatsApp TV to direct more audience to your WhatsApp Radio.

Guide to Make Money from WhatsApp Radio Station

Let’s talk about how to make money from WhatsApp voice note on the status, we have various ways you can make money from WhatsApp Radio station.

Brand Deals

This method involves brands/companies reaching out to you to help them promote their products/services on your WhatsApp Radio Station.

Brands might seek your stats and that involves showing them your viewership and also conversion rate from other deals you might have done.

Selling Products

Instead of the traditional text, you make use of the WhatsApp voice note on status to market a product like signing up on affiliate programs like the Jumia Affiliate program, Konga affiliate program, Aliexpress and a lot more.

You can make an audio version of selling that product, remember it’s a WhatsApp Radio station, and we don’t want to make use of other features like Text and photos.

Using text or photos on your status won’t make your brand look like it’s running a WhatsApp Radio Station.

Teach Others

Yes, you can make money by teaching others how to start a WhatsApp Radio station and make money doing it.

A lot of people are ready to learn how to make money from different sources and teaching them something like this will help people make money and also help you make money by teaching others for a fee.

Though, we taught you the WhatsApp Radio station strategy for FREE.

Don’t forget to give us Credit when teaching others.

We will update this article as we discover more ways to make money from WhatsApp voice note on status, don’t forget to bookmark this article.

Conclusion: Make Money from WhatsApp Voice Note on Status

We have successfully talked about how to make money from WhatsApp voice note on status, this will help you become a professional monetized WhatsApp Radio station.

Remember, you can make money from all social media. It depends on how you make the social media platform work for you.

Enjoy, wishing you success as you make money from the WhatsApp Voice note feature.

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