Oraimo Open Circlet Review: Should I Buy it or Not?


Let’s get down to the Oraimo Open circlet review. The new Open Ear trend from Oraimo to its fans.

Are you interested in buying the Oraimo open circlet?

Here’s Oraimo’s open circlet review to help you better understand what this device can do and how it saves a life.

Oraimo currently has two products in their Open Ear series – the Oraimo Circlet and the Oraimo OpenPods.

The oraimo open circlet model number OPN-40D. Oraimo is a brand that produces mobile phone accessories and electronics.

They started out in Hong Kong in 2014 and have since grown to become a popular choice for many people in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.

Their products are designed to look good, last long, and be affordable.

You can find everything from wireless earphones and power banks to chargers and other phone accessories in their lineup.

What’s really cool about Oraimo is that they don’t just stick to one category of electronics.

They’ve also branched out into smartwatches, fitness bands, and even home appliances.

They’re working hard to become a big name in the global electronics market by offering high-quality, innovative, and reliable products to customers.

If you prefer to watch a review video instead, where you can take a look at the Oraimo open circlet itself then watch the review video below.

Let’s get started with the Oraimo open circlet review.

Oraimo Open Circlet Review

This Oraimo open circlet review also includes prices which are at the end of the review.

Inside the Box:

  • The Oraimo Open Circlet itself.
  • Oraimo Type-C Charger.
  • User manual.
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The oraimo Open Circlet is a pretty cool wireless headphone. They have this open design that’s different from traditional headphones, which I think is really neat.

Opening the packaging, you will find the Oraimo open circlet wireless headphones, under the box you will find the user manual and a small compartment that holds the type-c charger.

With the open design, you don’t have to completely block out the world to enjoy your music or take calls, which can be helpful if you’re out and about.

The Oraimo Open Circlet is very light and try not to drop the headphone to avoid issues it has a connection range of up to 10m.

It comes with an IPX5 waterproof.

You will notice the Oraimo open circlet has a Volume Up and down button, LED Indicator, Multi-function button, Type-C Charging port and Microphone on the right-hand of the headphone.

You can control your music, answer or reject calls, and activate your voice assistant with a few taps.

It’s a lot more convenient than digging your phone out of your pocket every time you want to do something.

Of course, the most important thing with headphones is sound quality, and the oraimo Open Circlet delivers quite well.

Overall, I think the oraimo Open Circlet is a great option for anyone who wants wireless headphones with an open design. They look good, they sound good, and they’re comfortable to wear.

Plus, the battery life is pretty good, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of your day.

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Oraimo Open Circlet Price

The Oraimo Open circlet price is N46,000 Naira, and the Oraimo Open Circlet is making waves, thanks to Oraimo for the Open Ear design trend, this will definitely save lives.

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Another headphone from oraimo is the Oraimo Necklace Earphone.

Oraimo Necklace OEB-E54D Wireless Earphones – These are wireless earphones that come with a neckband design. They have long battery life and are designed to be sweat and water-resistant, making them great for workouts.

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