Health Tech Startup, MyTherapist Offers Mental Health Services to Nigerians

Dedoyin Ajayi and Oluwaseun Raphael Afolayan

Internet is becoming everyone’s go-to for a quick solution but we are yet to find the best answers to most of our solutions when asked on the internet. has decided to solve one of the problems in Nigeria by offering mental health services using their mobile app.

Mental health apps claim to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses without therapy appointments. Since everyone has access to a smartphone it’s easy to get help quickly.

We will continue to see more advanced technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) leveraged for predictive analytics in healthcare.

The MyTherapist app was co-founded in 2021 by Dedoyin Ajayi and Oluwaseun Raphael Afolayan and they are targeting to reach over 20 million Nigerians (home and aboard) to provide access to mental health therapy sessions with a well-vetted licensed therapist.

Here is another startup Aheadly, that allows you to make online appointments without stress in Africa.

According to the co-founders, the app was introduced based on the END SARS massacre which happened in Lagos, Nigeria and it led to depression and trauma. Oluwaseun said “He was having sleepless night during the ENDSARS protest and was advised to see a therapist but couldn’t find any that was convenient for him” Which brought about the idea of launching to the world.

Anyone can make use of the app freely and it’s available on App Store and Play store you can get the link from their website.

How Does Therapy App work? – MyTherapist

The app will ask you for some information about yourself and use it to find a therapist who will (hopefully) be a good fit for you.

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When it comes to finding the best therapist on you have the option to view their profile before making the choice to work with them or not. Also, check for their specialities and go for the therapist whose niche covers your specific needs.

Remember, Health is wealth…

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