How to Unmention Yourself on Twitter

unmention yourself on twitter

Thanks to Twitter for introducing this unmentioned feature to it’s app, Now you can unmention yourself on Twitter when you are tagged. Twitter is now making the feature available to everyone on all devices.

Even though there is still tension between Twitter and Elon Musk regarding the planned takeover, Twitter has been adding new functionality to its platform.

By effectively adding a @ to a user’s username, such as @username, you can call attention to them on Twitter. But Twitter lacked the Unmention feature, in contrast to Facebook (where you can also untag yourself).

But now, it’s possible.

When you don’t want to get constant notifications from a thread you don’t care about, you may also unmention yourself.

You can watch the video version below on how to get it done.

The Unmention feature also helps in muting a conversation as it removes the link to the mentioned person’s account and also stops others from mentioning them in the same conversation again.

How to Unmention Yourself on Twitter

  • Open Twitter and click on the notification bell icon
  • Click on the mention tab to see all mentions or select a tweet you wee mentioned from the notification section.
  • Click on the three dots button.
  • From the menu options, click on Leave this conversation.
  • When you do that, a notification informing you of the action you’re about to conduct will appear.
  • After reading the details and selecting “Leave this conversation,” you are effectively ready to go.

You can still see the prior mentions notification if you go back to your Mentions tab and click the three dots button there, but the “Leave this conversation” option has been removed.

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