How To Recover a Suspended Twitter Account (2023)

How To Recover a Suspended Twitter Account
How To Recover a Suspended Twitter Account

Recovering a Suspended Twitter account is … well, a game of Chance! There’s no tweak that you can use that’s guaranteed to get your account unsuspended instantly. But, in this article, I’ll be highlighting all the measures you can take to make your account get a higher chance of getting unsuspended once twitter has decided to do its thing!

It is very frustrating to spend months or even years growing your account, increasing your follower’s count, joining gain spaces, asking for follow backs, and engaging content to establish yourself on Twitter, and then you wake up one day, and you cannot like or comment under posts, then you head on to your profile, and you find out that you’ve been suspended.

Boom! You feel that intense sadness! You think of all the energy you’ve put into getting that account to where it’s gotten, and it’s just not funny! Then you try to create another account using a name similar to the one that got suspended so that your Twitter friends (mutuals) can follow you there so that you can start the process of growing your account again.

But Twitter has other plans in mind, and they’ll take the new account within a short period of creating it. Because according to Twitter’s official policy, you’re not supposed to create another account after you’ve been suspended for violating their terms and conditions.

So, the only walkaround will be to think of a completely new Twitter username and display name that doesn’t connect you to your other account and you may even have to create the new account on a new device because the IP Address of your smartphone might have been blacklisted by Twitter from creating new accounts.

So, this is a very important topic, and I’ll make sure I touch every single method you can use to recover your suspended Twitter account within the shortest time possible So that you can go back to banting and scrolling through scores of Tweets again.

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Before I get on with the steps you can use to recover a suspended Twitter account, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to have before you start the process.

What Will You Need?

  1. Your unique Twitter username
  2. Your Twitter password
  3. The Email address and Phone number that’s associated with your Twitter account.

Now, before we continue, there are three types of suspensions you can get on your Twitter account. There’s the 3-day suspension where you will be restricted from following people and sending lots of tweets at a time with your account. This can easily be bypassed and you can get access to your account again in three days.

Next, there’s the temporary suspension where your account is temporarily limited from doing some activities on Twitter but often times, within a week, your account should be released from these restrictions and you should be able to use Twitter fully again.

Latly, there’s permanent suspension! You don’t want to be permanently suspended on Twitter! It’s not cool at all… I got permanently suspended on Twitter a year ago when I hit 11,000 followers on my account and I was devastated.

I had to create another account but it was just not the same. But, the account, despite it was “permanently” suspended was released back after a year! So, I’ll be making a theory that all permanently suspended Twitter accounts get released after a very long period of time, like in my case – a year!

How To Recover a Suspended Twitter Account: 3-Day Suspension

If you have all the things listed above, you can easily get back into your Twitter account if you’ve been hit with the 3-Day suspension. To do this:

  1. Try to log into your Twitter account using your Username and password
  2. Your mobile number should be requested. Input that and a code will be sent to the number
  3. Input the code in the box provided
  4. Often times, you’ll also be asked to solve a CAPTCHA test to log into your account.
  5. After this, you should be given access to your account again, and you can now keep using it as you like.
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How To Recover a Suspended Twitter Account: Temporary Suspension

You have no direct power over resuspension once you’ve been temporarily suspended by Twitter. The only thing you can do in this case is to appeal for your account to be unsuspended. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Twitter’s account Appeal form HERE
  2. Fill in your Legal Full Name
  3. Input your Twitter Username
  4. Fill in the Email address associated with your Suspended Twitter account
  5. Input the Mobile number associated with your Twitter account
  6. In the appeal box, write a brief message asking Twitter to unsuspend your Twitter account. Here’s a short sample of an appeal message – “Hi. My Twitter account has been temporarily suspended and if I’ve unknowingly violated any of Twitter’s rules of Usage ……”
  7. Confirm that you’re not a robot, and then submit your appeal.

How To Recover a Suspended Twitter Account: Permanent Suspension

As I mentioned before, there’s no way to get your Twitter account suspended if you’ve been permanently suspended. The only thing you can do is wait for a very long period and hope that your account will be released from suspension, or you can create another account, reach out to your Twitter friends and start growing your new account.

Did you enjoy the article (How To Recover a Suspended Twitter Account)? Well, I hope you did. If you have any questions, you’ll like to ask regarding recovering a suspended Twitter account. You can drop them in the comment section below.

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