10 Best Ways to Make your Phone Battery Last Longer

10 Best Ways to Make your Phone Battery Last Longer

Here are the best ways to help you make your phone battery last longer, don’t let your phone battery hold you back from capturing those wonderful moments.

In this article, I will show you how to make your phone battery last longer than expected. Our phone battery could run down just by doing nothing and it’s important to reduce what makes it run down fast.

10 Best Ways to Make your Phone Battery Last Longer

Turn Off Location Services

Turning off the location function on your phone will help you save battery life, you can also revoke location permission for apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and others that doesn’t require using it all the time.

This will help you block them from running in the background always, you can do that via your Settings >Location > App permissions.

Switch to Dark Mode

Don’t be surprised, Dark mode can help you save your battery life more. Smartphones with AMOLED screens can switch to a dark theme, you can also add dark wallpaper and also enable dark mode on apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and others.

Disable Google Assistant or SIRI

Google Assistant or SIRI might be useful to have on your phone, it’s also a feature that keeps running in the background as long as the phone is on and disabling it would help save battery life.

To turn off Google Assistant, Go to Google Assistant > General and toggle off Google Assistant. To turn off Siri, Go to Settings> Siri & Search > Turn off Listen for “Hey Siri”.

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Turn on Power-saver mode

The fastest way to save your phone battery is to turn on power-saver mode, you can find this feature on the quick settings panel or by navigating to the battery section in settings and toggling on power saving.

Turn off Automatic Wi-Fi

Do you know leaving your Wi-Fi on, drains your battery life? this service runs continuously in the background.

To turn off automatic Wi-Fi, Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Tap Menu icon and Select Advance > Toggle off “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically

System Update

Most times your battery could drain as a result of the current software having a glitch and the only way to fix it is to update your system software and it could fix the issue.

This issue is commonly found among Apple users and updating to the latest software might be the best solution.

Disconnect Charger at 99%

Once your phone battery gets to 99%, please disconnect your charger and don’t overwork your phone to 100%. It keeps the battery in a high-stress, high-tension state, which wears down the chemistry within. This will only reduce your battery efficiency.

Reduce Screen Brightness

If you can’t find dark mode on your device then reducing your screen brightness should be your go-to option. It’s obvious that reducing your screen brightness will reduce your smartphone’s power consumption since we all have to activate the screen whenever we use our phones.

Close unnecessary Apps

We tend to open apps after apps while forgetting to close them after using them. This multitasking is a common feature of smartphones, but it is also the main reason why battery life gets drained away easily.

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Maintain Cool Temperature

Maybe you’ve noticed that when your smartphone is warm, your battery drains more quickly. Simply put, avoid leaving your smartphones in hot, sunny, or direct sunlight. Leaving the smartphone in a parked car in the sun is one of the more frequent situations.

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