Introducing Lighthall a Source Class Platform to Learn & Teach

lighthall platform

Enjoy Different possibilities like never been easy when it comes to learning via online classes and also teaching your students effectively.

LightHall Inc has decided to introduce a beta version of their platform that allows you to attend various classes from your favourite teacher. has proven it will be the best platform where you can go ahead and teach your students or set of groups by becoming a teacher to the set fee for class either paid or free.

This makes it a great way for teachers/ mentors willing to earn extra income to be able to schedule classes on beta successfully and teach students effectively.

We at Faqontech, decided to give this platform a trial by testing its features and competence and we discovered Lighthall is worth giving a trial.

You can Watch the Video below to learn more;

Lighthall is more than just a platform to learn, but it’s flexible because the teachers schedule online classes regularly and you can click attend button to be able to attend any of the classes from your favourite mentors.

How to Become a Teacher on

  • Visit website.
  • Click the become a teacher button on then fill the form provided.
  • Input the correct details, so you can get accepted to become a verified teacher.
  • Once verified and approved, you can start scheduling classes and announce the class via your social media platforms for your students to join.

Now, enjoy and don’t forget to impact quality knowledge…

How to search for Courses on Lighthall

  • Visit website.
  • Create an Account or log in to your dashboard.
  • Now, you will see a search form, input the course you want to learn or click the browse all button.
  • After selecting the class, click on the Reserve button to reserve a spot before the class gets filled up.
  • Remember to watch the fee; it could be a paid or free class.
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